Snippets of.. Edinburgh

~ The Last Couple of Days in.. Edinburgh ~

A those holiday blues. Those holiday blues have very much kicked in as I write this. Last Thursday, me and one of my oldest friends took a girly trip to Edinburgh for a few days (If you follow any of socials, soz for the spam oxo) It was genuinely such a lovely trip away, one we will both remember for a long time. Personally, I'd never been to Scotland ever, so when looking for places to go for our planned trip it was very much top - my mum had visited a few years back and told us it was worth the visit.. she wasn't wrong! So, without further ado, let me briefly talk you through some beautiful places we ticked off over the two and a bit days we were in the Scottish capital.
~ The Printing Press ~
21-25 George St, Edinburgh EH2 2PB

As we arrived mid afternoon on the Thursday, we didn't plan to do anything specific, although eating out somewhere lovely was definitely on the cards. We hadn't really done much homework before arriving, we rathered just go with the flow when there. So during the afternoon, as we took a little walk, literally right around the corner to our hotel was this restaurant - The Printing Press. Reasonably priced, quite chilled but for us being all dressed up, we didn't feel out of place. As soon as we walked in, you're greeted with dim lighting and one hell of an impressive bar area (I didn't know so many variation of alcohol existed haha!) We had cocktails before our meal, two courses of uh-mazing food (with a bottle of Prosecco ofc) and had a 30 second walk back to the hotel! perfect start.

~ Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh ~
Arboretum Pl, Edinburgh EH3 5NZ

The first thing we decided to do on the Friday was visit the Botanic Gardens which was only a short 15 minute walk from our hotel. We had a walk around the gardens, visited the very impressive glasshouse which was fully of planets/ flowers/ cactuses.. so many pretty photos I took! After a few hours walking, we visited the coffee shop there to refuel (and a little peak in the gift shop)
~ The Streets of Edinburgh~
Hanover Street / Dundas Street / Thistle Street

After a visit to the Botanic Gardens, we decided (after a stop for lunch) to just have a general explore, walk around the cobbled streets and see what we could find. The thing with Edinburgh is it is just so pretty, every single street is as pretty as the next. What's great also, is it is full of lovely independent shops; for example we visited 2 that we completely feel in love with. There was a place called Kakao by K and Biscuit.. so much prettiness! 

Afternoon Tea at Palm Court, The Balmoral Hotel
1 Princes St, Edinburgh EH2 2EQ

To finish our afternoon, we went very fancy, living up to our dreams of being ladies of leisure - we went for a 4 course afternoon at The Balmoral. Its a very high class hotel situated next door to Edinburgh Waverley train station. If I'm honest, it was extremely reasonably priced considering the setting and the quality of food, at £35, it felt a bargain compared to quality of everything! Whilst sitting there, we were surrounded by a gorgeous setting of blues and creams, with a glass dome roof and endless streams of food (well that's what it felt like!) We were beyond full by the end.

And so, we waked back to our hotel room, crashed for a little while. We did go for some food later on, although it was only a small meal after the masses of afternoon tea we'd had! On Saturday, I travelled back home (my friend went straight on holiday with her parents, so jet set!) and endured a 6 hour journey which included 1 cancelled train, aaaah welsh trains as GREAT... oh well it was completely worth it as we genuinely had an amazing few days.

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  1. I have always wanted to visit Scotland, especially since I discovered I was half Scottish at the beginning of the year! Edinburgh looks amazing, particularly in these photos //

    1. Omg Edinburgh is seriously so so SO lovely, this was my first time visiting Scotland and I definitely need to return soon! x

  2. I'm planning a trip to Edinburgh in October and this post was really helpful. You have captured the city so beautifully!

    Fran |