Three Dresses & A Whole Lotta Sunshine

 ~ Three Dresses & A Whole Lotta Sunshine ~
 I'll admit, I can be very British when it comes to the weather. Forever am I commenting if its sunny, if its cloudy and boy do I say a lot when its raining. Over the weekend, Britain was blessed with the beauty of sunshine, and did we go made as a nation? of course we bloody did! Sunday morning, I woke up to the sun shining, so on went my brand new floral dress and I basked in the warmth.. ok I'll admit, as I live in N. Wales, it quickly went cloudy and it was back to square one.. but that's not the point, there is hope there, spring is starting! So, as the weather is starting to pick up, its officially dress season. I've kindly been sent some beautiful dresses from Boohoo as a part of their Mini Midi Maxi campaign, so as the weather picks up, I'll show you how I have styled and plan on styling some uh-mazing material.. keep reading to see vanity at its highest! hahaha.
 The first dress I've styled was a mini dress, a lovely floral patterned dress in a light floaty material. As the sun shone for a few hours, last Sunday morning I thought it was would a great occasion to give it its first outing. As its quite a floaty material, it allows for enough ventilation - for those days were its going to be very hot (well, we can hope can't we?!) I can see myself reaching for this piece. 1 thing I will admit it though, I don't know whether you can see from the photos, but its a very short mini dress! As I'm 5ft 9, I feel like if it was a couple of inch longer it would have done all the difference... all I'll have to do is make sure I don't wear it out on a windy day HAHA.
 For the Midi style dress, I actually gave this its first outing whilst in Edinburgh, last Friday. Its in a comfortable shirt material, with a tie to around the waist - making it slouchy and extremely comfortable. With a Midi dress, I always used to feel quite uncomfortable in them. Thinking they made me seem quite short, but I seem to have grown out of that faze because paired with my silver pumps from Marks & Spencer, it actually did for a great evening outfit!

The third dress in this little styling session of mine, is the Maxi dress. Now, out of the three dresses, I find this one to be the most versatile (and possibly my favourite?) As you can see, it is in a bold, black and white striped material that gathers in at the waste with a delicate 'V' neck. Above, I paired it with some causal sandals, but have found it can be dressed up too - black heels and a dash of your darkest lipstick, enough?!

And so there is my little mish-mash of a blog post, a little bit of weather talk, a little bit of posing and some fabulous dresses.. what more do you expect from this ol'blog of mine by now anyway HA!


 *All items are C/O Boohoo; find all these wonderful pieces on there website here*


  1. Oh I'm totally obsessed with that Boohoo maxi dress! Don't worry, you're not the only one, I was there in my dungarees and managed to get a sunburn even after putting on suncream....amateur british move haha! xx

    1. It's nice isn't it - HAHA, I'm so good at being a amateur British person! xx

  2. I'm a big fan of longer dresses. It's especially nice when it's really nice weather but really windy, then you don't have to worry as much with your dress/skirt blowing up!
    Kathy x

    1. I love longer dresses - I can feel so much more comfortable, especially when its windy HA!