Transitioning PROPERLY Into Spring/ Summer.

~ Transitioning PROPERLY Into Spring/ Summer ~

I don't know if you have noticed, but the sun has began to shine more frequently lately.. can we ~officially~ call it Spring? It may be Spring on paper but you could be mistaken for it being mid- November at times. BUT, it as been a little warmer and a little bright as of late, therefore my wardrobe needs to transition.. properly. I'm talking taking out all the thick knits, pushing the darks to the side and welcoming in the bright yellows. My wardrobe, this weekend had a completely overhaul and boy am I feelin' good right!
I'm a person who likes order. As you can tell my wardrobe seems to be all colour coordinated from left to right - I like order, people! So, as this season is becoming more predominant I need to sort my wardrobe out, I don't need thick jumpers in there anymore, I don't need all these wintery clothes taking up all the space. I try and follow a formula when I move things about. I have a couple of storage boxes in the cupboard that I tend to put clothes in that are out of season. So, out came those boxes and I unloaded all of my skirts and blouses from last summer and replaced them with all my wintery things that are no longer needed. When doing this, I try and follow these 3 rules.. so to make sure my wardrobe is organised..
RULE 1 - When was the last time I wore it? If I think to myself, 'Well I might want to wear this jumper!' I try and ask myself 'When was the last time I wore it?' - If the answer is along the lines of 'last October' It goes in those storage boxes to hibernate until the darker months..
RULE 2 - Is the colour Spring appropriate? I have never been one to love dark colours, but we all tend to steer towards the dark hues in Winter. So, when sorting my wardrobe out for Spring, I ask myself 'Is the colour Spring appropriate?' - so when I dig out grey blouses and dark dresses, I tend to release that no, these aren't appropriate - in the storage boxes they go HA!
RULE 3 - If it'll be too warm on, put it away. Basically, if I know I'm going to be sweating in it when I'm in the sun - It's not staying in my wardrobe!

P.S. From the photo above it has just dawned on me how badly I need my roots doing, bloody hell that aint pretty is it - brb while I book a hair appointment haha oxo



  1. Always a great idea to do some wardrobe cleaning and organizing, the start of Spring is a great time to do it and get all those Winter clothes packed away!

    1. Definitely, I feel so much better when my wardrobe is clear! X

  2. What a great idea. I might give this a try as my wardrobe has way too much stuff in there 😂

    1. Haha! I feel so much better now my wardrobe is clear! x