Dreamy Mint Green Velvet

~ Dreamy Mint Green Velvet ~

Its official, I've found thee dreamiest jacket known to man. In the past I thought I'd purchased some dreamy items of clothing, but nothing comes close to this mint green velvet kimono I treated myself too over the weekend. It may have been a ~little~ on the pricy side, but with a little help from my friend (& her 10% student discount) I finally made this mine... Topshop does throw up some gems, doesn't it!

A Pop of Pink (& White) for Summer

~ A Pop of Pink (& White) for Summer ~
Now in Summer, you ~tend~ to have your arms/hands on show more often - well for me anyway, who is incredibly warm blooded and always hot. With this, you do become more aware of your nails. In summer (or end of spring as it is now) I love to constantly switch up my nail colours, this being for a whole load of reasons. The main being that fact that a large majority do not last huge lengths of time and for me, I find painting my nails so incredibly relaxing, do you agree with me? I love to sit down on my sofa and really take my time to paint them - plus its a bonus when you have a clear excuse not to do anything for the next hour 'my nails are drying, I don't want to smudge them!' Today I wanted to talk about 2 nail shades I think will be perfect for the summery months, a tippex-like pure white and a the closes colour to 'Barbie pink' I have ever come across... 

A Little Lighter

 ~ A Little Lighter ~
Its happened again. Summer has come around and BAM I want blonde in my hair.. so what did I do? Yes you guest it, I went to the hairdressers! So, you can say I have gone a 'little lighter' - As well as dressing lighter and the evenings being a whooole lot lighter, my hair can now join the list. Life generally hasn't been too bad lately.

Getting That Glow Back in My Skin

~ Getting That Glow Back in My Skin ~
Now I've never had the best skin. If you've read more than one post on this blog, you will probably know that I have suffered from acne during my teenage years. Being at the ripe old age of 20 now, I still do get the odd spot, but I do seem to have shaken off the large majority of the spots - but my skin can seem dull from time to time. Having used this little treasure by REN for the past month or so, I've noticed a big difference in my skin.. now let me tell ya aaaall about it...

Why You Should NEVER Stick To One Style.

~ Why You Should NEVER Stick To One Style ~

I was in two minds whether I should post this photo. It can be annoying can't it, your self-confidence. I seem to be fine for ages and then sudddenly I'm paranoid about the way I look, the way I dress and how I look to other people. Anyway, in a complete attempt to gain my self confidence back - not that it has gone all together (may just be this week haha!) I wanted to chat about style, how you shouldn't or should at least try not to stick to one style - how its good to reinvent yourself sometimes - well, how like to change my style up, push myself to wear something out of the ordinary and really challenge my usually style.

This Week | Likes, Try-Outs & Repurchases.

~ This Week | Likes, Try-Outs & Re-Purchases ~

Let's do a little round up shall we? As it is seems to only be mid- May, it didn't feel right somehow doing a favourites post. I thought instead, I'd put together everything I've loved, tried out and repurchased lately. This being some makeup bits, one (let's say) slight pointless purchases and a few bits in between. I've bought peonies, I've created those #flatlays and I'm about to talk through this week's hits (and misses)

One From The Colour Palette

~ One From The Colour Palette ~
Is there anything more summery than yellow? When the sun starts to shine, I don't think there is a better colour to dress in then the colour that best mimics the sunshine. Having always been a fan of bright colours, I am always tempted by yellow. Whilst always being a magpie when it comes to silver, I tend to always be drawn into the bright yellow hues. 

Health Kicks | Kiwi & Pomegranate Pancakes

~ Health Kicks | Kiwi & Pomegranate Pancakes ~
When it is gloomy outside and you have the day off work (oh and it is Friday may I add), what is thee best breakfast you can make yourself? PANCAKES. Having bought an actual, real life cookbook a few weeks ago, I've told myself I need to start knowing how to cook things properly and that I have done. Of course, pancakes are the easiest things to make. I have known how to cook them since I was about 5. But, I wanted to learn how tp make them healthier, what toppings work best.. how to make the most of them. So, from the book Eat Beautiful (which is thee most amazingly extra book I own) I made Kiwi Pancakes, using healthier ingredients and tasty toppings..

Let's Try Dungarees

~ Let's Try Dungarees ~

I've always been on the fence when it comes to dungarees. Will I look like the chic, that-girl-got-STYLE person I so desperately wish I was.. or will I instantly become Bob the Builder-esque. This is something I did stress about upon ordering this ASOS piece. On the model, it suited her but on me it could've been a different story.. luckily I feel I got away with it, but I did have my doubts. Do I become the chic girl I had hoped for, or do I look like I should jumper on a digger and reach for the hard hat? Answer on a postcard.

Snippets of.. York

~ Snippets of.. York ~

At the start of the year I had a list in my head of places I wanted to see, places in Britain I had endlessly scrolled past on Pinterest that I should and had to visit. Beginning of last month I ticked Edinburgh off my list and this month, I've ticked York off. In my head it was crammed full of sandstone buildings and little cafes - and that is exactly what it turned out to be.. which is basically my idea of heaven. Over the weekend just gone I took a trip up north to the historic city with my auntie and took some snippets for you all to see... enjoy!

RED: The Power Shade

~ RED: The Power Shade ~

There is something about red isn't there. The minute the bright hue touches my lips I feel a surge of power. It may be cliché in some sense, but its true, red does bare a lot of power. Red lipstick has always been a love of mine, its eye catching, it adds that #GirlBoss vibe to any outfit.. it can even transform you instantly into a wannabe Parisian when wearing the right type of striped top. Red is the most dramatic on the colour chart, its worn to be seen and my god do I love it.

My Prettiest Spring Frock

~ My Prettiest Spring Frock ~

Due to my rather ~excessive~ spending at the moment, I feel like I have quite a large back log of outfits I haven't shown on this blog yet. Take todays outfit for example, I actually wore this over a week ago when I went shopping with my mum, but its taken me till now to show you... It consists of one of the loveliest dress I own, my treasured trench coat and some silver pumps that are like heaven on my feet. Mix all this together and you get an outfit that some people say (cough *my mum* cough) is a little too overdressed for a shopping trip or other people say (cough *me* cough) is perfectly fine for a day out.. please welcome the prettiest frock I own!