A Little Lighter

 ~ A Little Lighter ~
Its happened again. Summer has come around and BAM I want blonde in my hair.. so what did I do? Yes you guest it, I went to the hairdressers! So, you can say I have gone a 'little lighter' - As well as dressing lighter and the evenings being a whooole lot lighter, my hair can now join the list. Life generally hasn't been too bad lately.

[Top: Zara (old) | Trousers: Archive by Alexa | Shoes: Marks & Spencer | Bag: Lulu Guinness | Bracelet: Joma Jewellery]
 I say life hasn't been too bad, but it is hard to write this now, with the Manchester terror attacks happening just a few days back. It really is utterly heart breaking, my heart goes out to every single person affected and my thoughts are with them all. But alas, we must continue and not let those terrible people win..

Therefore we will continue as normal. Today I wanted to do a little post of my life the past few days, what I wore and what I've been up to.
I actually have had a lovely past week. With me now sporting a new 'do, I'm officially ~kinda~ a blonde again. It isn't quite back to the blonde I wanted because of that stupid dark red I put in it before Christmas. Apparently, red is one of the hardest shades to remove from your hair, so it seems to ever so slightly be showing through the blonde. But oh well, that's life, it doesn't look too bad in person so I'm happy for now.  This week I've actually been incredibly sociable, as my friends are back home from Uni! I've basically seen one of my best friends every other evening since he's been back - literally so happy to see him! Aside from this, I've been binge watching Fresh Meat on Netflix and listening to that Despacito song on repeat.. I would call this living life to the fullest, if you ask me..   Over the weekend I put this outfit together which I really loved. With gingham being the shit right now, these trousers seem to be the apple of my eye and as the weather has be brilliant, dolly shoes are very much ~ok~ to wear - bonus!

So is this very sad time, let's all try and rise above the horrendous news that has flooded out news channels. We must stay positive and I pray for all those affected.



  1. It's horrible isn't it, things like the Manchester attack are so heartbreaking and yet you have to go on as normal because they want us to be scared. But it still doesn't feel quite right to be posting, even though I have and obviously you have too ;)
    Aside from that you look gorgeous, the bag... I adore it every time you bring it out!! Xxx


    1. I know they were beyond upsetting, still so hard to believe it happened. Aw thank you, my bag is literally like my baby, best investment I ever made tbh ;)! xxx