A Pop of Pink (& White) for Summer

~ A Pop of Pink (& White) for Summer ~
Now in Summer, you ~tend~ to have your arms/hands on show more often - well for me anyway, who is incredibly warm blooded and always hot. With this, you do become more aware of your nails. In summer (or end of spring as it is now) I love to constantly switch up my nail colours, this being for a whole load of reasons. The main being that fact that a large majority do not last huge lengths of time and for me, I find painting my nails so incredibly relaxing, do you agree with me? I love to sit down on my sofa and really take my time to paint them - plus its a bonus when you have a clear excuse not to do anything for the next hour 'my nails are drying, I don't want to smudge them!' Today I wanted to talk about 2 nail shades I think will be perfect for the summery months, a tippex-like pure white and a the closes colour to 'Barbie pink' I have ever come across... 

 Nail Varnish: C/O Roxanne Campbell in Snow Fight & Sitting Pretty

Now, for quite a while I've been on the hunt for a pure white polish. It seemed so hard to track down as I seem to always find they are either lacking pigment or have a slight pink tone to them - not ever have I tracked down that pure pure A4 paper white (yeah great description there Lisa) So, when Roxanne Campbell emailed and asked whether I would like to try a couple of their shades, I was so excited to see a white polish land of my door step. They are described as a 'One Coat Lacquer' and I can agree with this to a degree. It is possible for these to need just one coat. With the Pink for example, as it is obvious a dark shade than the white, 'Sitting Pretty' really does sit pretty with one coat. You can instantly tell that there is heaps of pigmentation as they glide on the nails effortlessly and although they aren't the fastest at drying, the pink can be left at one coat.

Although, for me I love the look of  'Snow Fight' with two coats as it intensifies the white more and really leaves a no streaky looks (which did occur with just one coat of the white) I find a bright polish like whites and creams to be so complimentary with a tan, somehow even on my pale arms, I look like I'm a little more tanned then I am. Overall, I am not lying at all when I say how happy I am with these products. I can sometimes be sceptical with nail varnish, but despite these lasting no longer on the nails then the average polish, the pigmentation of these nail varnish and how nice they look on the nails really trumps the more expensive polishes I've purchased in the past... 5 stars all round I'd say!

This post contains PR samples by Roxanne Campbell but all opinions are 100% my own oxo!


  1. That is such an awesome shade of pink and I love it with the white.


  2. These photos Lisa!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE <3 Also this nail polish is so pretty, white is gorgeous for when you're tan but I think I'm a tad too pale at the minute xx


    1. AAAAH THANKS GURL!! I love light/ white shades in summer, I'm so pale rn too but once I put some tan on or actually sit in the sun, the white will look even better, I still love it rn even though I am pale haha! xxx