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Getting That Glow Back in My Skin

~ Getting That Glow Back in My Skin ~

Now I've never had the best skin. If you've read more than one post on this blog, you will probably know that I have suffered from acne during my teenage years. Being at the ripe old age of 20 now, I still do get the odd spot, but I do seem to have shaken off the large majority of the spots - but my skin can seem dull from time to time. Having used this little treasure by REN for the past month or so, I've noticed a big difference in my skin.. now let me tell ya aaaall about it...

When it comes to using some skincare products, often I tend to find it very difficult to see any kind of difference. Maybe its the lack of use, maybe its the fact that not much difference has been made.. which is quite typical with some products on the market! But with this, I can honestly say I saw a huge difference. The week before last, me and my mum had a family friend visit and with this it meant we were going out for food every evening for a week (not bad haha!) Of course, as we were dining out I obviously has to make myself presentable each evening, so the foundation was applied! Every evening I'd remove my foundation/ concealer with this product - the REN Gentle Cleansing Gel.
It is a very runny consistency, but makes for getting a lot out of little product. With one pump I'm able to remove all my foundation as well as my eye makeup too. Of course, for the nights I wore a heavy eye look, I did have to use a little more, but generally 1 pump of the product did all the work. I'll admit, it does have a strange smell, perhaps a tiny bit clinical, but I personally don't think it is bad at all. Having used it, like I said, every evening (this being 6 nights in succession) I started to realise my skin started to have a little healthy glow about it. My skin tone seemed to even out and it felt soft too. Having not used it now for a week I can already see my skin has lost that glow it had from using it! If I'm honest, I seem to disregard cleansers sometimes, with me not wearing foundation during a weekday, ever, I tend to forget to cleanse. But, I was very surprise to see how well this product did.
With REN being a Cruelly-Free brand and it only £12 (ish - if I remember rightly!) at the counter, its incredibly affordable and with the packaging allowing you to see how much product you have - there's nothing worse when you can't tell when you are running out. I honest can say this does work slight miracles and now that I have seen what it can do to my skin, I'll be making sure I use it more often - there's nothing like the confidence boost you get from your skin having that healthy glow!



  1. I'm actually very tempted to try this! My skin is so much better than it was but I still get hyper pigmentation and mild acne scarring which means I feel like I have to wear concealer to cover it 24/7. I'm on the hunt for something that's gonna help even out my skintone so I might give this a go <3 xxxx


    1. It's definitely worth buying, like I'm so shocked how good it is! Xxx

  2. Such a nice post <3 Right now I'm using korean skincare products. They are very nice for quality and for price as well! You need to try it too))) www.morijane.blogspot.com

    1. Www I've looked into some Korean skincare bits and it all looks so cool and different, will definitely have to try some things in the future x