Let's Try Dungarees

~ Let's Try Dungarees ~

I've always been on the fence when it comes to dungarees. Will I look like the chic, that-girl-got-STYLE person I so desperately wish I was.. or will I instantly become Bob the Builder-esque. This is something I did stress about upon ordering this ASOS piece. On the model, it suited her but on me it could've been a different story.. luckily I feel I got away with it, but I did have my doubts. Do I become the chic girl I had hoped for, or do I look like I should jumper on a digger and reach for the hard hat? Answer on a postcard.

[Dungarees: ASOS | Shirt: Zara | Neckerchief: Zara]
.. Now whatever the outcome for the question above, one thing is for certain. Whether I do look like a builder or whether I do pull these off, there is no denying how comfy I feel in them. Of course, dungarees do tend to be worn more by, how do I put it, children, but there is a child in all of us, right? A few weeks ago, having got it in my head I need and should own a pair of dungarees, I went on an online mission to track the perfect pair and they SHALL BE MINE. Of course, I had the pressure of having to find a pair that were both the right shade and have long enough legs. Having scoured many a website, ASOS seemed to tick the boxes, with the brand Cheap Monday off ASOS looking the ones for me. Soon enough, they were at my doorstep and my mission was complete.. I am now a dungarees owner!
As they are light wash they are going to be worn a lot this summer, over last weekend I paired my pair with a white patterned blouse and a newly bought Zara neckerchief. I may have looked farm-girl/ cowgirl ready, but I completely feel in love with the look. So whether I look like a child, a cowgirl or even ready to become a farmhand.. boy, am I comfortable!

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