My Prettiest Spring Frock

~ My Prettiest Spring Frock ~

Due to my rather ~excessive~ spending at the moment, I feel like I have quite a large back log of outfits I haven't shown on this blog yet. Take todays outfit for example, I actually wore this over a week ago when I went shopping with my mum, but its taken me till now to show you... It consists of one of the loveliest dress I own, my treasured trench coat and some silver pumps that are like heaven on my feet. Mix all this together and you get an outfit that some people say (cough *my mum* cough) is a little too overdressed for a shopping trip or other people say (cough *me* cough) is perfectly fine for a day out.. please welcome the prettiest frock I own!

[Dress: Zara | Trench Coat: Hobbs | Shoes: Marks & Spencer | Bag Zara | Watch: Olivia Burton]

Last Saturday, we visited Chester for a day out. The sun shone, we shopped and drank too many cocktails and we generally had a lovely mother-daughter day out. As it was fairly warm out, I thought it was time to give this dress a whirl. I'd bought it with the intention to wear it for Paris, when I visit in August, which I still intend to do, but felt it would be a waste to have it in the wardrobe, sitting there for 3 months. As it is a fairly long dress, it didn't seem to out-there to not wear thick tights, as it may be Spring but it isn't boiling quite yet. I did though put some nude tights on because I thought my shoes may rub if I didn't - I do try to be sensible.

Along side the dress, I wore a little dusky pink bag that, by now, is an old favourite and my trench coat. This coat, I have to say, is one of the best investments I have ever made. It looks so sophisticated, I wasn't too warm in it and when it got a little chillier in the evening, I simply did it up and didn't even shiver once. I bought it about a year ago and have linked it above, I am actually surprised to learn it has gone up in price nearly £20, how bad is that! Aaaaanyway, on my feet I had my Marks & Spencer pumps that I've mentioned before. They are simple, they are comfy and they went so well with this outfit!

And so there we have it, I finally bring you this outfit post - that's one off the large list of clothes to show on this blog; Happy Bank Holiday Monday, everyone!



  1. Love this outfit so much! I completely get where you're coming from with other people thinking you're overdressed but actually being completely comfortable with your outfit, I am the same 🙈
    Natasha //

    1. Aw thank you!! Yeah, I tend to think to myself I'm overdressed but really I don't care🤷🏼‍♀️ Haha! xx