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One From The Colour Palette

~ One From The Colour Palette ~

Is there anything more summery than yellow? When the sun starts to shine, I don't think there is a better colour to dress in then the colour that best mimics the sunshine. Having always been a fan of bright colours, I am always tempted by yellow. Whilst always being a magpie when it comes to silver, I tend to always be drawn into the bright yellow hues. 

[Top: River Island (old) | Jeans: Topshop | Sunglasses: Next | Sandals: Topshop]

 Aside from the bright yellows being a key staple in my wardrobe (I've been wearing my Topshop Birkenstock-esque sandals as much as possible) My new Next sunglasses have been stuck to my face. In a way it feels a slight accomplishment, finally finding new sunglasses that fit my face shape. Last weekend, whilst strolling around the streets of York I started to inevitably get a headache - this was due to the sun being so so bright and I'd forgotten my sunglasses at home. I had to make a quick dash into Next, fully expecting some that were way too small for my face and would look awful - I was pleasantly surprised that they suited me just fine!

And so, over the weekend I've tried to soak up as much sun as possible, in my fab new sunnies. I will admit, I hadn't realised it was as hot as it was, as I must have sat for about 20 minutes in these black jeans and my thighs were BURNING - safe to say I swiftly had a little outfit change!



  1. I am loving the sandal!! I'm trying to add a bit more yellow into my wardrobe, apparently it compliments ginger hair! Xx


    1. Thank you! Ooo more yellow is definitely needed; I'm sure it would look amazing with your ginger hair! xx

  2. I actually love this so much, like I'm pretty sure I commented on your Instagram because yellow looks so good on you! Also your hair?! Have you dyed it again? Looks amazing <3 xxx


    1. Aw thank you, ain't you kind!❤️ I've actually had 2 other people say my hair looks different but I haven't done anything hahaha genuinely just think the sun has made it lighter! Xxx