RED: The Power Shade

~ RED: The Power Shade ~

There is something about red isn't there. The minute the bright hue touches my lips I feel a surge of power. It may be clichĂ© in some sense, but its true, red does bare a lot of power. Red lipstick has always been a love of mine, its eye catching, it adds that #GirlBoss vibe to any outfit.. it can even transform you instantly into a wannabe Parisian when wearing the right type of striped top. Red is the most dramatic on the colour chart, its worn to be seen and my god do I love it.

Now some say they do not suit red, they seem foolish or too out there in a red lip. Which can be a matter of 'fair enough, each to their own' but for me, it is all in the confidence. Besides, the more you do something, the more comfortable you become. My opinion is that everyone suites a red lipstick. The moment anyone starts to wear it, it instantly gives a power vibe - you're a strong woman, who takes no shit of anyone and has her actually shit together... of course, that's not me by any means BUT NOBODY ACTUALLY KNOW THIS.. Whether it be a matte lip, a glossy red or simply a lip balm with a bit of tint, often I'll have no makeup on at all for a work day, but just putting lipstick on gives the impression I've made an effort. In a weird sense, I feel that if I have bright lip on, the attention is drawn away from the rest of my makeup-less face. One favourite red I've found over the years and as seen pictured is the Tom Ford matte in '07 Ruby Rush' - its long lasting, its the truest red I've ever found and seriously gives me all those BeyoncĂ© Independent Woman vibes *inserts all the sassy emoji's*
In the same sense as the red lipstick, I've recently absolutely LOVED red nails. For absolutely ages now I've been on the hunt for a red nail polish that is pure red. Not orangey red, not pinky red.. just true, post box red. Boy, its been bloody difficult but behold I've finally completed my mission. The Smith & Cult polish in 'Kundalini Hustle' is as truer red as possible. Yes the bottle itself may be so heavy it replicates a bookend and by no means last thee longest time without chipping, but its is so bright and eye catching.. its true love. In the days I've worn it, I seem to be always look at my hands, with the colour making my short nails actually look nice for once...
Combining both red lip and red nails has officially been my go to recently. Red is a colour that can symbolise danger, its a powerful shade.. think of a colour that attracts more serious attention then red.. So, what am I trying to say in this post, bloody don that red lip and show everyone who's boss, yes? YES. 


  1. I absolutely adore matching lipstick to nails, it just makes a look so complete! That tom ford shade suits you so well and just looks flawless! xx

    1. Aw thank you so much, I've loved being all matchy matchy lately haha! xx

  2. I love the colour red! This is so cute.

  3. Red is such a uiniversal shade and compliments everyone!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves