Snippets of.. York

~ Snippets of.. York ~

At the start of the year I had a list in my head of places I wanted to see, places in Britain I had endlessly scrolled past on Pinterest that I should and had to visit. Beginning of last month I ticked Edinburgh off my list and this month, I've ticked York off. In my head it was crammed full of sandstone buildings and little cafes - and that is exactly what it turned out to be.. which is basically my idea of heaven. Over the weekend just gone I took a trip up north to the historic city with my auntie and took some snippets for you all to see... enjoy!
~ Betty's Tearoom ~
6-8 St. Helen’s Square, York YO1 8QP

Having been to Betty's Tearoom twice before, but in Harrogate, we had to try the tearoom in York. Of course, it is near identical but there is something so special about the place. It is a very historic tearooms, having been there for around 100 years, so it is very traditional. Although traditional, it does not seem outdated by any stretch, it is 100% worth it. Whilst there I had a latte and a raspberry macaroon (stuffed with raspberry cream and 4 whole raspberries in the middle!) with my auntie having a tea and toasted tea cake. As you can see above, all the tables are marble and have huge windows, so plenty of natural light.. what does that amount to? basically, blogger heaven!
 ~ National Railway Museum ~
Leeman Rd, York YO26 4XJ

After our Tearoom stop, we headed to the National Railway Museum. I'll be honest here, I'm a bit of nerd and love trains, HAHA - I sound like Sheldon of The Big Bang Theory! But seriously, I do find them so interesting. It is a very large museum and is free entry, which is a bonus. It's packed full of trains throughout the years and although had quite a lot of families there, it was very much worth a visit!
~York Museum Gardens ~
 Museum St, York YO1 7FR

Throughout the few days we were there, we were heavenly blessed with amazing sunshine. In order to fully bask in the sun, we took a walk and found the museum gardens. We didn't actually go into the museum itself, but the gardens were beautiful. It had lots of grassy space, which were packed fully of people having picnics and children running around.. it was so lovely to just sit on the benches and tack in the summery atmosphere!

There we have it.. another British city visited and ticked off the list - this as York everyone!