This Week | Likes, Try-Outs & Repurchases.

~ This Week | Likes, Try-Outs & Re-Purchases ~

Let's do a little round up shall we? As it is seems to only be mid- May, it didn't feel right somehow doing a favourites post. I thought instead, I'd put together everything I've loved, tried out and repurchased lately. This being some makeup bits, one (let's say) slight pointless purchases and a few bits in between. I've bought peonies, I've created those #flatlays and I'm about to talk through this week's hits (and misses)

 -- Likes --

Now, a big like of the past week has been these ever so sweet prints from a little company called Printiki. They contacted me and asked whether I'd like to try out their services, to which I happily obliged. Being the ever lover of photos, I was all too keen to have these delivered. I had medium square photos printed, with a glossy finish. I found their website to be so so efficient, with you being able to selected photos from every platform possible. I was able to connect my Instagram and have some of my feed printed, I was able to select some photos from my camera roll - you can even connect to Facebook and other photos sharing apps! Once I'd picked my photos, you can chose between a glossy or matte finish and if you'd like a white, black or no border around the photos. My prints must have taken about 2 days to come and I'm so happy with the quality. I now have lovely photos to stick in my scrapbook as well as dotted around my bedroom.

Prints: C/O Printiki
Website | Instagram
-- Try-Outs --

A second batch of items I have been so lucky to try-out was a bunch of beauty bits from the brand Didobuy. They describe themselves as 'UK Based distributor of Tech, Gadgets and Gifts' They recently contacted me saying they have newly launched a beauty section on their website and asked whether I'd like to try a few bits - of course I couldn't refuse! I have been trying out the Concealer Palette and Brush Kit, Lip Colour in Sexy Red and an Eyeliner Set. Now, I'll start with the negative and work my way up, its always the best way. The lip colour = strange. Its a very gloopy, thick consistency that just doesn't sit well on the lips. Its almost too thick to set. I've tried  it about 10 different ways, with a brush, with my fingers, straight from the tube - nada. So product numero uno didn't tick the box. But, I have to say each other item, I'm very happy with. The wide range of brushes in the set means there is one for every need, I actually gave my mum a few (as there was way too many for me!) and the first thing she said was 'Ooo these brushes are so soft!'. The concealer palette, despite needing just that little more pigment, is actually rather good. I tried ~for the first time ever~ contouring with the darker shades - I'm going to need more practise but this palette will definitely help up my skills. Finally, the eyeliner set; again, despite needing more pigment, I have enjoyed experimenting with different colours. As blue liner seems to be #fashun right now, so I've tried to capture that look ever so suitably with a couple of the blues.
Overall, I've been quite happy and very excited to try these products - the lip colour may have let me down, but everything else seem to tick the boxes!
Products: C/O DidoBuy
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-- Repurchases --
Finally are two products, one I've repurchased and that one slightly pointless purchase I mentioned in my opening paragraph. Since a while now I've fallen in love with the Oribe Texturizing Spray, having previously hated it, I now have loved it so much I've used my the massive bottle up and had to make a repurchase in Space NK. I went for the travel size one purely so when I'm away anywhere, I can bring it with me. It just gives my hair that boost it needs when its a day old - love it!
The pointless but equally great purchase is an aromatherapy roller ball I bought in The White Company. Its from their SPA range and actually smell incredible. The fact the little tube was £12 is ridiculous but the smell is amazing and I've made sure to use it most nights.


This post contains PR samples by Didobuy & Printiki but all opinions are 100% my own oxo!


  1. The peonies are absolutely everything!! Seriously, I might have to pick up a bunch for when I start shooting flatlays again! Lovely post as always darling xxxx

    1. Omg I know, they're SO pretty - when I saw then in Waitrose I was like OMG ITS OFFICIALLY SPRING! Hahaha definitely pick some up, they make any photo 10x better yeah! Xxx

  2. I LOVE peonies so much, they're gorgeous! Printiki have gorgeous quality prints! Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Yes Peonies are my fav, They really do have great quality prints, I was so impressed! xx