New Beauty On The Shelf..

~ New Beauty On The Shelf.. ~

Rather then saying 'New Beauty On The Shelf' I really should be saying 'New Beauty On My Shelf' because as ever I'm late to whatever trend is happening.. these products I've picked up recently perhaps are already established.. or maybe by some minor miracle I may be a little early to a party. Whatever the conclusion, I went shopping whilst in Liverpool last week and a few purchases were made. For once I was very tame with my debit card but that didn't mean I didn't treat myself to a few bits.. I can't go to a big city and return with nothing...

The Return of The Denim Skirt

~ The Return of The Denim Skirt ~

Well denim skirt, its been a while. You've been hanging in my wardrobe for a long long time now, untouched. I've seen you daily but not thought to wear you... well your time has come brother, you my lovely denim skirt, you are finally making a return.

A Short Liverpool Photo Diary

 ~ A Short Liverpool Photo Diary ~
A took a little trip to Liverpool on Tuesday to visit my cousin (who lives very near) - we spent the shopping, drinking a lot of cocktails and having a lovely catch up. I thought, although I didn't take masses of photos, I'd still share some photos of my trip... I've never actually done a 'photo diary' blog post before but I hope this isn't too short and actually still counts as one. Anyway, here are a few snippets for ya!

Its Been (Over) Three Years of Blog Eighteen!

~ Its Been (Over) Three Years of Blog Eighteen! ~
So, I won't lie I completely forgot about my blogs anniversary. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure of the exact date, but I do know it was 2014 I started and I do know it was some time in April of that year - meaning, its been over three years of Blog Eighteen! I thought, as I have only ~just~ realised this kinda monumental celebration, I want to chat a little about my blog, what's changed and just a general trip down memory lane.. enjoy!

China Plate.

~ The China Plate Dress ha ~

Now being British, its very hard not to mention the weather right now. If you aren't from the UK, we have been blessed (or cursed) with incredibly hot weather, which, despite it being lovely, no one really knows how to deal with it. My house at the moment is waaay to hot to be comfortable and sleeping at night is difficult... but hey hoo, like I said, as I'm British, as soon as the weather turns cold again we'll begin the complaining all over again... Anyway, as its v v hot at present, I dug deep in my wardrobe and found this beautiful china plate patterned sun dress that I'd completely forgotten about - well, it very much got all the love it deserved over the weekend!

An Ode To Casual Dressing

~ An Ode To Casual Dressing ~

Aaaah comfy clothes, there's nothing quite like them. I may be a girl who does love to dress up from time to time but nothing beats that old jumper or some joggers you live in on Sundays. Over the weekend, said comfies were worn and although I did wear some high waisted jeans (because I did have to leave the house at one point) my comfy-as-hell joggers were soon worn afterwards. If you can't dress comfortably on weekends when can you, eh?!

Why Blogging Is The Best Hobby I've Had // Confidence in Blogging

~ Why Blogging Is The Best Hobby I've Had // Confidence in Blogging ~
We've all had hobbies as a child. When I was little I was always up to some kind of after school activity, that being gymnastics or swimming. But as with everything, we all grow up and grow out of things. Don't get me wrong, I've never been a quitter, I've always seen things out for as long as possible. But as I turned from child to teenager, doing any kind of activity suddenly becomes totally 'uncool' - had to keep that street cred. But in little world of Lisa, when the dynamic of school came to an end, I discovered a brand new activity. A hobby were I had no idea what I was doing but soon enough this lil thing called blogging became something I loved to do. Soon enough (and fast forward to right now) I can out rightly say this may be the best hobby I've ever had.

Clothes Hoarding & Outfit Recycling

~ Clothes Hoarding & Outfit Recycling ~

Oooo Lisa ventured outside to take outfit photos, WOW. I thought,  a change was needed from my usually white/ plain wall and I thought I'd take some pictures outside my shed/ outhouse - oh how glamorous. Anyway, today I wanted to chat a little about this outfit. An outfit I have 100% worn before and therefore have 'recycled' - although really does anyone really have the funds to always have a different outfit haha...!