A Few Pieces On My ASOS Wishlist

~ A Few Pieces In My ASOS Wishlist ~
We all do it, we're supposed to be doing something productive but instead endlessly scrolling through ASOS, planning what you'd buy if money was no object.. well that's what I end up doing for time to time anyway. It was whilst in the middle of scouring through ASOS that I came across some seriously heart eyes pieces (that's a perfectly liable description, yeah?!) and thought I'd share.. because why not eh, sharing is caring after all..

The Yellow Dress
Maybe my most favourite dress of them all. Its incredible bold, oh so summery and with yellow being thee colour at the moment - so on trend! I love that it has the embroidered edges and the ruffles on one side that slightly jazzes it up. I'll feel like an proper canary in it, but its summery so who cares?!
The Yellow Gingham Dress
In keeping with the yellow theme, this is a little more toned down, more pastel and so so pretty. I love that this time, the ruffles are all along the top and that it crosses over. Gingham seems to be having another moment in fashion at the moment, so I'll be totally on top of my fashion game with this *sassy emoji* HAHA (~plus won't this look uh-mazing when I go to Paris in August?!!)
The Red Stripped Playsuit
Now this is a very spring like playsuit, paired with some big oversized sunglasses will look perfect for me. I'll be honest, I'm starting to pre plan my wardrobe for university in September and have started to realise I have NOTHING in terms of 'going out out' clothes, literally barely anything. So, had the intention of buying it for this - I completely know what will happen, I realise how nice this playsuit is, then come to the conclusion 'its too nice to ruin' and I'll be back to square one with no party outfits!!! It is sooo pretty though isn't it!


  1. These three pieces are all gorgeous! Scrolling through ASOS is a great way to pass the time, but it's hard on the bank account haha!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Aren't they!! Oh god its so hard on the bank balance, I have to strain myself haha x

  2. I'm loving the summer vibes! It's currently Winter here so my wishlist is completely opposite haha
    Kathy x

    1. Thank you! Oh is it, no way - I have to say, I do love shopping for warm jumpers in Winter! x

  3. The yellow dress!! *cries* Seriously that looks so high end oh ma god! This was such a bad post for me because I literally can't stop buying things... I have an ASOS order currently on the way HAHA xx


    1. I KNOW, how pretty is it!! Each one of these is like £30 I think which is super affordable, but they're all so nice, I need to be saving but I feel my bank balance *may* be dented slightly, very very soon haha! xxx