An Ode To Casual Dressing

~ An Ode To Casual Dressing ~

Aaaah comfy clothes, there's nothing quite like them. I may be a girl who does love to dress up from time to time but nothing beats that old jumper or some joggers you live in on Sundays. Over the weekend, said comfies were worn and although I did wear some high waisted jeans (because I did have to leave the house at one point) my comfy-as-hell joggers were soon worn afterwards. If you can't dress comfortably on weekends when can you, eh?!

[Top: Ebay (v v old!) | Jeans: Topshop | Trainers: Minna Parikka | Bag: Ted Baker (old) | Neckerchief: Zara]
 As I said earlier, I absolutely love to dress up. Do my makeup that degree more smoky and pop on those heels.. sadly I don't have a roaring social life that means I do dress up all that often *cries* but with this I do have a lot of opportunity to dress in my most comfy clothes. Take this weekend for example, I did very little in actual fact, I had coffee out with my Nain (grandma) on Saturday morning, then went to get my nails done.. and that was that. So, as it rained buckets and my dressy clothes not need, an extremely old jumper, some ripped jeans and a comfy pair of trainers it was.

I actually forgot I owned this jumper. It's surprising what you find when you really dig through your bottom draw! I bought it off Ebay absolutely YEARS ago and it still does fine.. haven't managed to spill anything on it to stain it quite yet. With that, I put my Topshop ripped jeans on, which are actually way past to stage of being black, not that it seems to show in the photos, but they really need an upgrade! Finally, I worn some trainers, because when its raining and you're not dressed up, trainers are perfectly fine.. especially if they have bunny ears and pompoms haha!


  1. I am totally in love with your shoes! It's like a totally normal chill outfit then bam! I'm all about the casual dressing, all day everyday.
    Kathy x

    1. Haha thank you glad you like the bunnies! x