Clothes Hoarding & Outfit Recycling

~ Clothes Hoarding & Outfit Recycling ~

Oooo Lisa ventured outside to take outfit photos, WOW. I thought,  a change was needed from my usually white/ plain wall and I thought I'd take some pictures outside my shed/ outhouse - oh how glamorous. Anyway, today I wanted to chat a little about this outfit. An outfit I have 100% worn before and therefore have 'recycled' - although really does anyone really have the funds to always have a different outfit haha...!

[Dress: Zara | Jacket: Select (old) | Boots: Fat Face | Sunglasses: Prada]
  Anyway, I wore this outfit when I was in York a few weeks back. I found it to be the perfect combination for this very weird weather we are having at the moment. It seems one minute its warm with the sun shining and then the next its clouded over. So the combination of bare legs but socks and boots seems to tick the boxes. My black boots have to be the most sensible but absolutely fab piece of footwear I own. My mum bought them for me last Christmas and I'm yet to find a fault. Black boots, since the beginning of time, have always been know to be versatile, but being a girl who, for some reason, never really buys plain/ sensible clothing, I'm very glad I finally have some shoes that go with everything.

The outfit itself, the dress and jacket are pieces I have debated getting rid of for a while. Well, being honest, the dress I briefly debated but realised its too nice to throw. But, the jacket I really have thought about giving it to charity! I bought it absolutely years ago in my local high street, since I bought it in the Select shop there, it has closed down for ages and only recently reopened somewhere else - its v v old. But, with some clothes I can become a bit of a hoarder. Yes, I do love nothing more then sorting out my wardrobe, throwing old tops and have that refreshed feeling. But some pieces I just can't seem to part with, the pieces of clothes I feel I never really got my wear out of or never found the right formula for it to be styled with. I'll admit, this jacket must have cost about £10 but I have only found a handful of outfits it matched, so I've always be reluctant to part with it.

Well, finally I found an outfit it properly went with - at long last! After hoarding it for ages and ages I finally wore it out and found it to go rather well with my black Zara dress and boots. Sometimes, Its worth holding on to something that you have found to suit you, because eventually your style will change (or even trends will inevitably change) and it will finally do.. well this is the story for my little green jacket!



  1. Aw I love this outfit, you look so chic!! It looks really highend as well... probably the Zara!! Love ittttt xxx

    1. Aw thank you.. if it looks highend I've won there becuase this all DEFINITELY isn't haha - I can always rely on Zara!, thankssss mate xxx

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