Is 'Blog' Me The Real Me?

~ Is 'Blog' Me The Real Me? ~

I often worry about the way I portray myself online and if its true to how I am really. Should I be bothered? Does it matter if your online persona is the polar opposite of your true self? What do people I have never met in person but follow me online think I am as a person? These are all questions I seem to ponder from time to time. Of course, I hope I am as true to myself as possible but I do often wonder if I'm portraying the life of someone I'm not... 

Its easy enough to get swept up in social media, scrolling through glossy Instagram's and wishing you had that persons life. You get sucked in into their beach lives in the Maldives, their perfect makeup and dinner dates at cafes with great lighting. Its a real sight for the eyes. We are all guilty of documenting the good stuff, if you take a selfies and your skin looks smooth, you're going to upload it over a photo of you looking less then glam. I know I do it, I edit the absolute shit out of some things, anyone else guilty of adding a third filter to a photo? But really, with every photo I use online, with every outfit I put together I really hope my true self is shown in my photos.
I'll be honest, I'm no actress so trying to carve a life that's different to everyday life would be very difficult. I can't act like life is a bed of roses, but I do tend to only show the highlights of my week.. where's the fun in having a stream of blog post about my week working? My blog post titles would consist of 'I Phoned A Customer In Work Today & They Weren't Home!' or 'Gosh I Spent 30 Minutes Filing Earlier' - the photos wouldn't be much cop either haha. But I don't feel I'm lying either, when I post photos of flowers on my Insta grid or a photos of a new top I've bought, with me posing with bright lighting.. it all still very much me.
In real life, yes maybe I do swear a lot more then I do in my tweets, may be I don't pronounce all my 't's in every word but it can be difficult to full portray your personality into words and pictures.
Anyway, this is a debate that is hard to get to the bottom of. It of course depends on the person, how they perceive you in real life and how they do online. At the end of the day its all relative, right?



  1. I mean obviously I've never met you IRL (cries) but I'd say you come across as genuine, a really lovely gal who's very passionate about fashion and her blog! Xxx

    1. I live for the day we meet irl too!! Aw thank you so much, I just get paranoid for time to time that I don't come across as genuine, blogging can give the impression that a person is slightly vain sometimes but I really do hope I don't! xxxx