The Return of The Denim Skirt

~ The Return of The Denim Skirt ~

Well denim skirt, its been a while. You've been hanging in my wardrobe for a long long time now, untouched. I've seen you daily but not thought to wear you... well your time has come brother, you my lovely denim skirt, you are finally making a return.
[Top: Zara | Skirt: Zara (similar) | Jacket: Next | Shoes: ASOS | Bag: Zara]

I always feel I'm not a serious enough person to write dramatic openings like that, for blog posts. But why not write about a denim skirt in such a way... yes? haha.
Over the weekend, I was very very sociable, which to be honest is a shock in itself. For the first time in a long time I saw both my closest friend both Saturday and Sunday. This is probably why I'm so tired writing this today (Monday)!! But, as I saw one friend on Saturday and the other on Sunday, I basically wore this outfit for both days... besides I liked the outfit and it was with different company. That's completely plausible isn't it?!
I decided on my denim skirt, since it really has been a while since I've worn it. I do feel though, I'll be honest, that this skirt is ever so slightly too wide. Meaning, I have always wished it'd be more A-line altogether. Perhaps from the photos its not clear, but this is something I have wanted.. maybe why I have been put off wearing it for so long. Anyway, my outfit consisted of summery, yet comfortable vibes and I felt very happy wearing it. I combined shopping/ coffee drinking and carvery eating over the past few days and its safe to say I am very content.. I saw my best friends and eat a lot, what else are weekends for anyway?!


  1. I won't lie I'm not a fan of denim skirts on myself but you look so nice! Glad you had a nice weekend lovely, you deserve it xxx