A Splash of Summer Blue

~A Splash of Summer Blue ~
Well hello there, I took a week away from this blog last week because, being honest, I just wasn't feeling it. You know when you feel like you're too engrossed in something and everything about that thing starts to irritate you.. well that. BUT, fast forward a week or so and that blogging bug is back, I took some little outfit pictures of what I wore over the weekend.
[Top: Next | Trousers: Marks & Spencer (similar) | Trainers: Minna Parikka | Denim Jacket: Soul Cal(similar)]

Before I start talking about the outfit I have to mention something else.. you may have noticed my blog now HAS ITS OWN DOMAIN! Bye bye the awful 'lisablog18.blogspot' that I made when I first made this blog in 2014 and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Back then, I didn't know anything about blog design, good blog names or anything at all. I had thought about perhaps changing my blog name, Blog Eighteen is literally named as 18 has a lot of meaning in my family and, well, its a blog. But, I feel I've used 'Blog Eighteen' so much, I feel an emotional connection to it by now. So, with thanks to the tutorial I followed on YouTube and the American man at the GoDaddy helpline, welcome to blogeighteen.co.uk..!

Anyway, the outfit! I picked up the pale blue cami from Next last week when I took myself on a solo shopping trip. Its a light material, 100% cotton actually and will be perfect to just throw on during the summer days. With that I paired my much loved gingham trousers, from the Archive by Alexa collection last year. They're cigarette style trousers, finishing just above my ankles. I do love gingham and it really seems to be having a moment (again) and I'm all for that. Finally, I wore my trainers, my trainers that always seem get some kind of comment from unfunny middle aged adults. This weekends comment was, from an old man, who said to my grandma (who I was with) 'haha her trainers have pom poms?!' thanks for the sarcasm. Well, I wore my Minna Parikka bunny trainers and whatever people say, I bloody love them.



  1. Congrats on going self hosted, I love your blog design! This outfit is super pretty too, I love those trousers!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Yay thanks! Thank you, love gingham trousers x