June Favourites

~ June Favourite for 2017 ~

Wow, the first 6 months of 2017 are over.. of course I understand the concept of time (lol) but seriously, how the hell did that happen?! In todays post I wanted to reflect on the month of June, showing you I few bits I've loved, in an absolute blogging classic by now... a monthly favourites!

June Favourites:
Candle: The White Company // White Nail Polish: C/O Roxanne Campbell // Sweet Rhubarb Tea: Taylors of Harrogate // Concealer Palette: C/O Didobuy // Pencil Case: BlankInsideDesign on Etsy.

I honestly cannot remember when I last did a favourites post, it must have been some time ago. But in June I bought and used some very good products, some I tried for the first time and some I found new love for. The new products being the Summer candle from The White Company. Having mentioned it in my last post, I have been burning this a lot since purchasing it a couple of weeks ago, its smells quite woody and has a very fresh scent. It also helps that its pretty.. it very much does sit pretty on my desk!   In June I tried Sweet Rhubarb tea for the first time, having spotted the swoon worthy pink box in Waitrose. I gave it a shot and absolutely loved it, I drink 3 cups everyday in work! Its very sweet but smells and taste uh-mazing.  Finally, a new purchase (and love) is my new pencil case from Etsy. I've bought it ready for when I start university in September, its got the prettiest flamingo pattern on and is a fairly good size.. all my university purchases are making me more excited by the day!
Two products that I've found new love for are products I have kindly been sent about a month or so ago now, of course having tried them initially in order to create a blog post I found them to be two very great items. But, I seem to have used both the white nail polish and the concealer palette nonstop in June. The nail polish has been sitting pretty on my toes throughout June, with it looking so nice on my finger nails. The formula is incredibly pigmented, with 2 coats looking so bold. With the concealer palette, I have used, near enough everyday, the purple corrector under my eyes, with me mixing two light concealers from it to put on top - its seems to be the perfect formula for me at the moment!


  1. Great favourites! I really want to try a candle from the white company, as they all look and sound stunning!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Ah thank you! You definitely should try one, they do smell so nice! x