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~ A Few Pieces on My Topshop Wishlist ~

Fantasy shopping, a sport I am near Olympic level good at. The past few weeks I seem to have really really loved EVERYTHING on the Topshop website. Whether it be every top in the 'New In' section or the pretty bags in the 'Accessories' bit.. everything is just making me cry slightly because I really do need to start saving my pennies now. BUT, there's no harm in having a little browse from time to time is there?!
[Peplum Top (top left) | Lilac Bag (top right) | Culottes (bottom left) | Skirt (bottom right)]
The first item I have bookmarked is the low-cut, peplum style top (top left). I'll admit, it does seem a little boob-y for me, but my god I just think it's so so pretty. It seems quite a slim fit and delicate, with it being pulled in I find it seems to sit well on the model. Paired with some high waisted whitewash jeans or dressed up more fancy I feel it'd be a very sensible and durable item in my wardrobe (.. let's just ignore the fact it's £55 - way too overpriced by there we go we are only 'wishing' here)
The Lilac bag is what started my current obsessing with Topshop. I originally saw it on their Twitter but in the red version, which is equally as pretty - but I find the Lilac version to be just a tad more versatile. From the measurements on the website it seems quite a decent sized bag and very different somehow. I just feel like I haven't bought a new bag in what feels like forever and this one would be loved and used very much.
As it feels, although we are current right in the middle of Summer, someone hasn't told the weather that. So, days seem to include the sunshine but a cool breeze. I feel like I need to start buying more transitional pieces, so once it inevitably does tick over the Autumn, my wardrobe is prepared. I feel like the culottes and the skirt pictured above, as they are both quite neutral, can be dressed summery or with darker/ warmer clothes come winter. The skirt for example seems to be all light and airy without tights, but once a pair of woolly tights are paired with it, it instantly becomes an Autumn staple.
Overall, all these pieces are very much top of my list. Will I eventually press 'checkout' on that ever growing Topshop wish list? I do not know, but for now, as I said, there is no harm in a little fantasy window shopping.


  1. I don't tend to shop in Topshop, but they have some great pieces, and I love what you've picked out!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. I don't usually but everything they have I seem to love lately - thank you! Xx