Á Paris Part 1 | Everyday in August (14)

~ Á Paris Part 1 ~
After going on about it for what felt like an age, I finally went on my early-birthday-present trip to Paris, AAAH. In all honesty it was the best trip I've been on for a long long time and I completely fell in love with the city. Me and my mum spent 4 (long) days there, walking miles and exploring everywhere we could think of. Despite the rain (yeah it kinda rained for 2 days lol) it didn't dampen our spirits as we saw everything from the Eiffel Tower to the Arc De Triomphe as well as the less ~busy~ places.. I really did have the BEST few days.

On Monday (the 7th) we landed at the airport around 3pm, quickly as we could went through to claim our bags and onto the shuttle bus into the city centre. We were graced with beautiful blue sky and it being around 25 degrees. As we had not made any immediate plans we decided to simply go for a walk/ get our bearing's around the city.
Can I just say, I plan on doing a Part 2 to this post simply so this one is not too long - so here will be Day 1 & 2 (come back tomorrow for Day 3& 4!)
~ Jardin du Tuileries & Musée du Louvre ~
Day 1
Like I said, as we arrived mid-afternoon, we took this as an opportunity to go for a walk with no particular destination in mind. We thought, as our hotel was down one of the (many) avenues off the Arc de Triomphe, we'd walk down the main one - the Champs-Élysées. We walked all the way down, right towards the Jardin du Tuileries and stood outside Musée du Louvre. As it was such a sunny day, it was nice to see the busy gardens in all their glory. We didn't indeed on going into the Louvre so to just see the pyramid itself in person was still equally amazing - it was great to have ticked one major landmark off the list! 
 ~ Palais Galleria ~
10 Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, Rue de Galleria, 75016
Day 2
 The first thing we had on the itinerary for day 2 was to visit the Palais Galleria - a fashion museum. From the outside, the building was absolutely breath taking. As you walked through the arch, through the entrance you are welcomed by the light stone pillars, walking around the edge towards the main doors. At the time, there was a exhibition on about the outfits of an Egyptian-born French performer Dalida. Despite the collection being quite small, as you are paying 9€ to enter, it was cool to see all the outfits from the 60s/70s/80s - it definitely showed how much fashion has come along!

We walked past the Eiffel Tower numerous times - I even managed to get some kind of outfit photo in the grounds without looking ~too~ awkward
~Grand Palais~
3 Avenue du General Eisenhower, 75008
Day 2
After the museum we went for some lunch and a walk around. It then rained SO MUCH. So as we were passing the Grand Palais, we decided to take cover and have a cocktail. From the outside the building, like ever building it seems in Paris - it was a spectacle. We said out on the terrace, resting our feet and having drink whilst the rain stopped. It was such an amazing place, with the huge pillars and tiled floor - definitely somewhere to visit as a pit stop (even if the drinks were on the pricy side!)
~ Le Hameau ~
84 Avenue des Ternes, 75017
Day 2
 Having spent a full day walking around (and getting caught in the rain numerous times!) we went back to our hotel room and basically collapsed on our beds. After a nap and a freshen up, we wondered out looking for somewhere to eat. As we were staying in the Ternes area of Paris it was a little quieter, we walked round the corner and found this place - Le Hameau. It was very lovely, with me even trying Snails as my starter, I'm always up from trying new foods so what greater challenge when in France!

... there we are: day 1 & 2 of my trip to Paris, come back tomorrow for day 3 & 4!



  1. Oh this post has made me really miss Paris! It sounds like you & your Mum had a wonderful start to your trip, looking forward to reading the next part :)
    Natasha x

    1. Ah yes it really was a great trip, me and my mum both really really enjoyed it - thank you for your comment!! x