Á Paris Part 2 | Everyday in August (15)

~ Á Paris Part 2 ~
Welcome back! Ready for yet more photos of my trip to Paris? COURSE YOU ARE. Today I have some key places we visited on day 3 & 4 of our trip. This included the beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg, Notre Dame and the ~original~ Diptyque store. Unlike the previous day (day 2), it didn't pour down with rain for the final 2 days of our trip, so these photos are a little less dull (although I have tried to edit the other photos to appear brighter!) hope you enjoy my little snippets of Paris..
~ Jardin du Luxembourg ~
75006, Paris
Day 3
 Having seen this originally from Olivia Purvis' blog What Olivia Did from 2014 I saw her photos and thought 'I HAVE to visit there!' So I made it my mission for it to be my first place to visit on Day 3. It was a short Metro ride from our hotel to the gardens and once you are there it really is a spectacle. As the enter through the gates, you are greeted with mass of trees and grounds. As you walk further there huge terrace surrounds a huge pond and yet more greenery. At the end of the grounds is a huge PALACE, with armed guards and everything! You can't seem to enter the palace itself but the grounds are enough to entice you to visit here.. so much beauty!
~ Cathédrale Notre Dame ~
6 Parvis Notre-Dame - PI. Jean Paul II, 75004
Day 3

After the gardens, we saw on a map that Notre Dame was a short walk away, literally down one street. As my mum had visited the cathedral a couple of years ago, she recommend I see it. I was actually astonished by it, it was so so big and the detail of the building was quite hard to believe. To enter the cathedral the queues were for miles so we skipped that and simply opted to walk around the grounds just to see the outside! 
 ~ Diptyque~
34 Boulevard Saint Germain, 75005 
Day 3
 From Notre Dame, I wanted to visit the original Diptyque store (the address that is around the border of the logo!) Yet again, this was also only a short walk away, so we headed to smell some candles! The shop was actually only small and it was only us in there (and the very helpful store assistant!) I ended up smelling about 15 candles before deciding it would be rude not to buy one as a present on my trip. I opted for a small Patchouli candle and as I type this I have it burning next to me - it smells heavenly!

I wish I had taken a photo of the inside of the store as it was uh-mazing, but as I said, it was only us in there and the store assistant talking to us the whole time so felt taking a photo wasn't appropriate!
~ Chanel ~
31 Rue Cambon, 75001
Day 4
 On our finally morning in Paris, as we didn't have a mass of time I wanted to quickly visit Chanel. Or rather the outside of Chanel - I was in trainers and looked a bit worse for ware after walking non-stop around the city, I wasn't confident they'd even let me in so I simply was happy enough to see the original store from the outfit (and peek inside!) Around the area is very wealthy as all the major designer stores are, think Christian Dior, Tom Ford.. So me and my mum simply walked around the outside, window shopping. It was so amazing to see the shops and aaaaaall the diamond necklaces in the windows!

There we have it, my snippets of Paris! I seriously had such a lovely trip with my mum, it was an early present as I'll be in University next month when its actually my 21st so this was an early celebration.
As you read this I'm actually in Berlin with my friend, so be sure to pop back next week to see the next instalment of my 'travel diaries' that seem to have started.. 2 trips in 2 weeks? when did I become such a globetrotter?! HAHA.



  1. These are some of the most beautiful pictures EVER!


    1. Aaah thank you so much, it helped that the surroundings were so incredibly pretty!!