A Parisian Stationary Haul | Everyday in August (12)

~ A Parisian Stationary Haul ~
Whilst in Paris this week, I seemed to have picked up quite a few stationary bits. Whether I ~actually~ need them or not is another question, but when I saw these bits of stationary sitting pretty in various shops, I couldn't resist. Do I really need paperclips with pom-poms on? Probably not. But when you're buying things with a different currency, the price of things seems to be irreverent. 12 euros for a small notebook? - seems fine when you have no idea how much 12 euros is in pounds HAHA.

Now as you can see, I didn't pick up a mass of stationary.. just enough to do a haul! And being honest, about 75% of the stationary was picked up from gift shops of Museums (Paris has a lot of museums!) The first item I snapped up was the little pale grey notebook with the Eiffel Tower on. Of course, being someone who doesn't little tacky gifts, having a little memento with the Eiffel Tower on had to be bought from somewhere. I probably don't need another notebook but its cute and I'm sure it'll gets its use eventually!
Other bits I picked up was another notebook, this time with little bunny rabbits on - since I was little I have loved anything bunny-related and I can't seem to shake the habit (haha) so obviously I had to get this one too. With that I bought some handy pencils from another museum gift shop and a pink biro from stand on the side of the road (around the Eiffel Tower is full of little stands selling souvenirs!)
The final thing in this haul and probably my favourite item is the paperclips with pom-poms. They're probably the most impractical things ever but I LOVE THEM! They're probably more useful as blog props but I just love the colours. So expect them in the background of a photo rather then holding any papers together, in the very near future!


  1. Such a sweet post, and cute stationery bits! I like the glitter pen the most! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Haha Thank you, the glitter pen is pretty sweet isn't it! x