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~ August Favourites ~

I'm sorry, the last week I've been a little bit inconsistent with blogging everyday... I'll just give you that lame excuse that I've been busy and haven't had time to blog. Shall we move swiftly on and I'll talk you through a few favourites of the month? Yes let's do that! Over the month of August I seem to have picked up a few beauty bits, read a few magazines and as you've probably seen.. travelled a little bit. August has probably been my favourites month of the year so far. So, to concluded this glorious month, I wanted to do a little bit of a summery post. Of course Everyday in August will get an official summery on Thursday, the last day of the month. But today, I wanted to do a little highlights post, because why not - like I said, I seem to have had a blast the past few weeks!

Now, including myself, I am getting very repeatitve with mentioning my holidays. So I'll simply say, my trips to Paris & Berlin were of course my favourites of August. There we go end of, finished. Let's move onto something different (for a change haha!)
Favourite Products

Three products I have picked up during my travels this month and have well and truly loved include a uh-mazing smelling candle, a equally wonderful smelling body moisturiser and a liquid lipstick that lasts forEVER. The Diptyque in 'Patchouli' has a very strong smell, quite woody. Its described on the website as being from the herbal family, which if you smell it does smell like an aroma therapy oil you'd find in a Steam Room - you know when you're at a Spa Day, that heavenly smell. Well this candle is glorious, once you light it, because its so strong, you're instantly it with the smell. Serious a recommendation if you want a candle to have for relaxation.

The Body Shop, I feel, have gone through some seriously great rebranding lately. Their packaging has gone from looking like cheap/ plastic-y high street to somewhat on the luxury side - what's great about it all though is that the prices have stayed relatively low, bonus! When I was in Berlin, we had a stroll into The Body Shop and spotted their 'Spa of The World Range'. They had loads and loads of testers, so off we went round them all, having a sniff. As soon as I smelt the 'Hawaiian Kukui' ranging I literally knew I'd regret it if I left without a tub. As I was traveling hand luggage only, I could only take this 50ml tub home. I literally cannot stop smelling it. Its a very warming scent and is incredibly moisturising. Seriously, next time you're in The Body Shop have a quick smell of this - you'll be in heaven!

My final favourite product is the Sephora own brand liquid lipstick in 01. I've seriously worn this absolutely loads since I bought it as it long-lasting and so so pigmented. One swipe across the lips and you're good to go! I found too that it lasts even through meals, I have eaten oily foods and it has come off but, generally it stays on very well. Of course Sephora isn't in the UK yet but if you do manage to find this line, pick yourself up one of these. Incredible pigment, long-lasting and not drying at all - the perfect combination? (I think so)

Favourites Read

Last Friday I picked up the latest issue of ELLE. One, because I bloody love ELLE and Two, because Cara Delevingne was gracing the cover - I personally frickin' love her so I just had to pick it just for her Interview. Once I'd read her 6 page spread I have to say I felt quite empowered. The piece was written by one of my favourite authors Jennifer Niven and the article was so real. They covered books (as Cara apparently has a book out soon!) growing up, dealing was all the troubles that life brings and  how she uses her influence to help others. I just felt that, even in this world were celebrities are put on a pedestal as 'perfect' it really showed how everything is not what it seems - Cara Delevingne came across as extremely genuine and perfectly imperfect (in a perfect way HA!) it gives us all hope - A very great read.


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