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Now, despite me blogging (near enough) everyday this month, its been a while since I've actually taken proper outfit photos. With being on my holiday(s), life's been a little busy but finally I've had a few days to myself to catch-up and finally take some photos. Today, I wanted to show you what must be one of my most casual outfits - well 'dressed up casual' I like to call it (HAHA) I recently bought some new accessories and chopped the bottom of my long leg white wash jeans. So, in todays post I thought I'd chat a little about these... enjoy!

[Top: Zara | Jeans: Forever 21 (similar) | Jacket: Zara | Belt: Mango | Bag: Mango |
Trainers: Nike (v old!)]

For a while now I've been a little bored of all my trousers/jeans. Me being me, I'm never the one to buy practical items so jeans are never the things I strive for in shops. I've wanted some cropped jeans but, again never do I really want to spend my money on some. I can up with the genus item of chopping up some of my old ones... my mum may have thought I was being stupid but I genuinely love these jeans now. Previously these Forever 21 jeans had been thrown to the back of the wardrobe. They were long length/skinny but just an odd fit (I've probably worn then several times ages ago in some for of outfit post on this blog!) but now, now I've (as well) found a belt I love in the form of the black Mango buckle belt, I've created my favourite pair of jeans!

As they said during the War, I've literally taken these jeans and used the 'Make do and mend' method HAHA.

So here is todays outfit that, I have actually worn two consecutive days this week - I thought about perhaps getting a third days wear outfit out of these jeans but I sensibly put them in the wash!

Aside from the new/old jeans and belt, I also picked up another ~new~ item. Whilst in Paris, I went into Mango (where the belt was bought!) and saw this velvet dark blue bag. I seriously love it SO much with it not being too bulky looking but managing to fit my quite large purse in amongst its 3 compartments.. serious so happy with this purchase!


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