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~ Converting to Liquid Lipstick ~
I can't believe I've got to August 2017 and am still yet to have tried a single liquid lipstick. Actually, that's a little bit wrong. Years and years ago I bought the Rimmel Apocolips 'lip lacquer' because at the time it seemed a new revolutionary thing. It was crap. It would bleed up my lips and not dry.. so so bad. BUT, fast forward a good few years, makeup has come a long way. Liquid lipstick (along with highlighter) is having its moment and I am ~finally~ in love and on the bandwagon!

 .. but whilst in Paris, I took obligatory stroll in Sephora, I had to see what the hype was about. While I was quite surprised how many brands I recognised and knew (and therefore wasn't very excited!) I did spot Huda Beauty, a brand I'd lusted after on Instagram but never seen in any shop. As I had a look at the liquid lipsticks, the store assistant was incredibly rude and didn't give me a chance to even look at many of them, so I saw this one - 'Famous' a dark berry/ purple matte and bought it quickly (I just wanted to leave to be honest!!)

 I already  have one actual lipstick in a similar shade, so I knew I would be able to wear it. My first impression was how fast they dry. Having used it countless times in the past 3 weeks I'm so shocked how fast they dry, it so handy to not having to worry if my hair blows onto my lips - no lipstick smears on my cheeks anymore! With this, I love the intensity of the colour.

I will say the big Con is, one swipe along the lips isn't enough, it dry's patchy if so. It does require a little work to get an even finish. BUT, this doesn't tend to bother me. I don't tend to feel it drying on the lips, you know that tight feeling you can sometimes feel - non of that! Once I get the colour to be even, it lasts the whole day (-of course eating careful so to not cause it to come off!)

I have to say, having invested a few of my euros whilst on my city break away, I'm very very impressed with liquid lipsticks. I do own a lot of lipsticks so will be a long time before liquid lipstick overtakes in terms of numbers. But, for the time being I do love the Huda Beauty offering - I feel this will be very suitable for Autumn (.. am I aloud to say the A word yet?!)

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