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~ For Those Summer Nights ~

Self-admittedly I am a girly girl. If every I see anything pink - my eyes are drawn. So, with this in mind, imagine me when I was scrolling through the NEXT sale last week. This Mango dress popped up, in all its fuchsia pink glory for near enough half the price off. Yep, as you can tell I quickly snapped it up.

[Dress: Mango | Shoes: Boden (v old) |  Coat: Next]

As the dress was in the sale, I can't seem to find a link for it but to my delight, it was only £16 - down from something like £40 - I'm always one for a bargain! I fell lately, Next have really been killing it. The last few weeks I seem to have acquired quite the haul from there. Besides, this is my second outfit post this week featuring Next clothing - everything just seems to be so up my street. First it was the striped playsuit in my 'Lollipop' outfit post. Now its this Fuchsia dress (and the coat - another bargain from the sale) I'll admit, I actually didn't know Next sold Mango, so when this popped up on the website, my face became that emoji with the heart eyes!

Its quite an A-line fit. Despite it being in a Small, it does fall quite oversized on me, but for this, I quite like it. The sleeves are what drew me in, as they are quite, let's say, different. They have a draw string on the inside, that has purposely been pulled right up which gives a big ruffled effect.

At first I wasn't sure I suited it, but after walking down stairs (and giving my mum that fashion show we all do once we've bought new clothes!) the first thing she said was 'oh that dress is typical you' - I took that as a positive.

For this dress I actually do not know what I'll wear it for. What I do know is though, that it very versatile, I will be able to dress it up or down. Perhaps for one evening when I'm in Berlin in a fortnights time?! Watch this space ..


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