From Paris to Berlin | Everyday in August (27)

~ From Paris to Berlin ~

Never in my life did I think I'd actually carry out the actions sung by yano, those people, whoever it was.. you know the song 'From Paris to Berlin and every disco I get in...' ANYWAY, in the past few weeks I've been to both Paris and Berlin, now I thought to myself a little life catchup was needed. After being home just under a week I know have a whole lot of stuff I need to sort out, my life is going to be a little busy. So, why not tell you all about it, yes?!
Firstly there was Paris, truly one of the most beautiful place I've ever visit. Every attraction was breathtaking, if I were able to go back, I'd be straight on that plane! From Paris, within literally three days, I went to Berlin with my friend. Of course, there wasn't as beautiful a Paris.. there probably isn't a city in the world that comes close to Paris. But it still was amazing to see the sights. The thing I noticed most about Berlin was the amount of graffiti, it was EVERYWHERE. But not just names scrolled across walls, it was incredibly artistic! On that front it was no competition in comparison to the sand stone buildings and pretty gardens of Paris. Both of my trips I loved for different reasons but both were so so enjoyable!

From there now it brings me to today. We're nearly at the end of August and having written the words 'I'm going to University!' probably a million times already, you'll be glad to know I will be all moved in around 2 weeks time - I'm sure when the work load hits I'll soon stop typing my excitement haha! BUT, this is next thing to tick off the list. At the moment I'm feeling incredibly calm about the whole thing. I've now enrolled online, I'm quite sure I have everything I need kitchen and bedroom-wise, I seem to be ready. I don't think it'll actually hit me until we're all in the van on the way down.. well I will have 5 hours of travelling to contend with, so I'll definitely have time to come to terms with the move! 

Life is going to be very different for me over the next few months. With 'Everyday in August' coming to an end in the next week, I honestly don't know how blogging will fit into my uni life. I really really hope I can keep it going. Over the past few years, this blog has been something to keep me entertained, something for me to look forward to in comparison to my crappy job I had (which to be honest all seems like a bad dream now!) but ~hopefully~ with university will come a more exciting life than being home.. it has to be right?! I will try my absolute hardest to blog if I can.. I've spent too much of my time on this corner of the internet to let it go!

And so there is my life, all caught up. To be honest I've probably repeated myself countless times because I can't really remember what I have and haven't said.. oh well, if its all repeated I do apologies.. !


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