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~ How I Keep Myself Well & Motivated ~

I'm all for taking care of myself. I seem to have seen the phrase 'Self-Care' being used a lot on social media and blogging lately and I very much am all for it. At the end of the day, you only have yourself so taking care of your body and keeping well is essentially. With this I always tend to find if I'm feeling well I'm very motivated with it. So today I wanted to write a few points as to how I keep myself Well and Motivated. Of course everyone has their down days, but I do like to be a positive thinker and keep well.

One of the main things is eating and drinking well. Of course, I do like coffee but with it I do drink a hell of a lot of water. I try and drink around 1 litre a day and with it my skin does thank me. I used to suffer very bad acne, not saying simply drinking water help it but it certainly has helped a bit. I also like to ~ try ~ and home cook regularly. As I'm starting uni soon I've trying to teach myself more home cooked dishes. So more healthy ingredients - better feeling!
Second is stretching. As I'm quite a healthy/ active person anyway, with me waitressing at the moment I'm constantly moving. So I don't feel the need to do 10 mile runs every night. But, as long as I stretch my arms/ legs etc. I feel so much better for it. I don't have any set routine of anything but as long as I go from top to bottom I feel like I'm never as stiff moving about.
Finally, that pesky phone. I can be quite bad constantly being in front of a screen. Whether that be my IPhone, my IPad or my Laptop. I try my best to have 30 minute breaks or longer of looking at no screen. Also, about 30 minutes before I go to bed, I put my phone away.. trying to read a book or magazine. This is a proven fact you do sleep better and I do always sleep so much better if I've had that break before closing my eyes.
As I said, these are just a few things I do to keep well. I'm not these healthiest or most motivated person but it helps me!

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