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 ~ Let's Talk 'Brows ~ 
Now it seems, since Cara Delevingne graced the stage a few years back with here truly uh-mazing thick eyebrows, the world has gone crazy. Every gimmick imaginable has been dreamed up to achieve the perfect brow. Gone are the days of the 90s were it seems thin/ over-plucked brows were the ones, now its all about the thick, full of life 'perfect brow'. I of course haven't been blessed with the best of brows, but they aren't as sparse as they could be -  overall I wish there were more hair there but I can live with it. Today I wanted to show you my very minimal brow routine that, admittedly does not take a life time, but I seem to find it never lets me down...

Now before I begin this post, I have to point out that these two products are not Cruelty Free - I am still very much in the process of transitioning my makeup completely to CF. If you have any recommendation for CF products in this post do let me know!

 The two products I use on a daily basis is the dark brown shade from the Maybelline 'The Blushed Nudes' palette and a Bobbi Browns Brow Shaper in Mahogany.
I find that any dark brown shade I come across seems to be perfect for my brows, they are obviously a very natural brown shade! I tend to, on a daily basis, use the brush from the original Naked palette (random) but it just seems to be the perfect size and is dense enough to pack in the shadow and shape the brows with the product. With the dark brown from the palette, despite it having an ever so slight bit of glitter in, this never seems to show and very much works well with the colouring.
Once I have shaped and filled in my brows with the shadow, as I have quite long eyebrow hair near the arch, I tend to swipe a slight bit of the Bobbi Brown brow gel along them. I'll admit, I have had this product for about 3 years now, which I know know is disgusting and the product is probably well out of date, but I haven't been able to find a good cruelty free alternative. As the product is quite waxy and the perfect brown shade, I have been, of late, literally scraping the inside to get every last bit of it.. yes I do like to get my moneys worth!
In terms of the shape of my brows before I apply product. I tend to leave my brows alone as much as I can. As I originally had my eyebrows threaded when I was about 15 and many times after that, I never seem to see them grow too bushy anymore. I rarely feel I need to pluck them and as long as they don't look untidy, why should I?!
So there we have it -  a little insight into my very simple brow routine (if you can call it a routine). Like I say, on this blog I do tend to only talk about Cruelty Free beauty when I do chat about makeup, but for this I seem to have not. For both products, especially with the shadow, from the photos you can really see how near the end I am. Once products are at their end, Cruelty Free products will be introduced - this is for sure!

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