LOLLIPOP | Everyday in August (2)


Well it seems strange now, being back with an outfit post.. its surprising what a couple of weeks away can do. I almost seem refreshed. But, with it now being Day 2 of Everyday in August (Ooo I'm doing well so far!) I thought I'd show you a dreamy playsuit I picked up in Next a few weeks ago. I's comfy, its linen and it striped baby pink and white... that's a very good recipe, agreed?!

[Playsuit: Next | Trainers: Minna Parikka]

It was on a shopping trip a few weeks ago I wondered into Next, with no intention of actually buying anything, that's when I saw this playsuit. Its always the same story isn't it, when you're not looking for anything in particular (or money is a little tight) you literally find a million things you want to buy.. I had intended on just having a casual browse, but this playsuit was too nice to not walk away with.

Around the waist there is a tie to do up at the back, which gives it more shape. I find sometimes playsuits, if they don't gather at the waist, they can look a little shapeless.

My intention for this outfit, despite me wearing it around the house a few times recently (its v v comfy like I said), is to get some wear out of it when I'm on my city breaks in a weeks time.. I won't mention it again because I've said I'm going to Paris WAY too many times recently. But, I am also visiting Berlin with my friend in a 3 weeks. So combining the comfort of the playsuit and my Minna Parikka trainers, I feel like I'll be able to have a full days sightseeing with both my feet and myself in general feeling comfortable and not self-conscious.



  1. Gorgeous photos, you look lovely! I hope everyday August goes well, and that playsuit is really cute!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush