My Favourite Instagrams of the Moment! | Everyday in August (10)

  ~ My Favourite Instagrams of the Moment! ~
Now it seems lately that Instagram seem to be on their own little self destruct mission. It seems once they change their algorithm Instagram well and truly went to shit. No, I don't want to see a photo from 3 days ago, how about one from 3 minutes ago first?! So, to spread a little positivity, I thought I'd put a quickly little post together on 5 Instagram blogging ladies I have loved lately, with every post or Insta stories I have found myself liking most or (if I forget from time to time) simply scrolling through their feed simply thinking 'how have they made that photo look so nice?!!' ..
(Blog/YouTube: LexiLife!)
I actually don't think I have been following Katy's Instagram for too long but boy I have I scrolled back incredibly far and well and truly caught up on every photo! I absolutely love her style, she just seems to capture images INCREIBLY with her fashion/ style photos seemingly be more common - so so in love with her style. You know when a girl seems so good in what she does and absolutely genuine with it?! that's the vibe you get, seriously I'd give her a follow, her grid is definition of the emoji with the heart eyes!
(Blog: Northern Blood!)

I have to admit, every time I see that Amy has uploaded an Instagram story, I'm the first to watch - she has such a funny personality I find myself smiling/ laughing after every clip. Her grid is also one of my favourites as there is a such a mix - all amazingly photographed. Whether it be a bomb-ass selfie, outfit photos, landscapes or other, I am forever thinking 'I love love love her photos!!!'
(Blog/ YouTube: of the same name!

You know when you look at a someone's Instagram and just think 'I LOVE every single picture!'.. that's how I always feel about Frances' gird. Full of a mix of beauty/ fashion and a touch of everyday , I love how all the mix of colours always match and is a real sight for the eyes. Plus, I have to admit I am completely jealous of her hair, how can some have such a perfectly curved bob - seriously wish I could pull it off.. so fabulous!

(Blog: of the same name!)

I think it was the beginning of this year I found Jordan's Instagram (and of course have read her blog ever since) and have been in ore of her grid ever since. Her bio reads 'Everyday Princess living my adventure' - everyday princess basically sums it up. Her grid is forever covered with dreamy pinks and purples, amazing outfits and scenes that make you shed a tear at their beauty. A well a truly princess-like grid!
(Blog: Lily Olivia)

Of course I couldn't do a favourite Instagrams post without mentioning ma gurl Lily. She's recently returned to blogging after a little break (much to my delight) and her holiday snaps from a recent Greek holiday are all kinds of goals. Her grid is all the blue tones and a real delight for the eyes.. seriously go give Lily a follow, you won't be disappointed oxo.



  1. Aww thanks so much for including me! Love these kinda posts, got to spread the positivity! And my hair definitely falls like that cos it's cut that way 😂 I'm quite lucky with it haha xxx

    1. Aaah I'm so glad you're happy, love to spread the happiness!! I seriously LOVE your hair, like if I could pull off the style as well as you do I'd be all over that!!! xxx