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~ Next Berlin ~
Part 1

Aaaaand that's trip number two done! Over the past fortnight I've been to 2 European cities and feel very lucky but incredibly tired right now! Having returned from my trip to Paris with my mum on the 10th, I was back on the plane to Berlin with my friend on the 14th.. oh I'm such a traveller. Today I wanted to share part one of my trip to the German capital. I've never been to Germany at all, so I was very excited to see what it had to offer. In total we were there for 3 whole days (with 2 days travelling) and between me learning my Year 9 German had well and truly been forgotten and lots of sight seeing, it was an extremely great week!
~ Brandenburg Gates ~
Pariser Platz, 10117, Berlin
Day 2
Having spent the first day of our holiday travelling, we got an early night so to be fresh for Day 2. Our first sight to see was perhaps one of the most popular attractions.. the Brandenburg Gates. Once we found it was evident how popular the structure was as it was incredibly busy but was so worth it, such a spectacular monument! Once we'd had a walk around the grounds, we decides to have a coffee in one of the coffee shops that faced the gates, sitting basking in the 29 degree heat - Was a great a start to our trip!
~ Distrikt Coffee~
Bergstraße 68, 10115 Berlin
Day 2
We then decided to head towards to probably the most famous sight in the whole of Germany.. the Berlin Wall. But, not before we'd had a hearty lunch. From the Gates we took the so incredibly convenient U-Bahn train to Nordbahnhof - this being directly opposite the memorial. We took a walk before seeing the wall and found Distrikt Coffee, a very Pinterest, minimalist café that served the best pouched eggs on toast I've probably ever eaten. It was such a great find and was so pretty inside that I must have taken a million pictures - so Pinterest. so Instagram. so perfect.

 ~ Berlin Wall Memorial ~
Day 2
 Being full of food and needing a walk, we walked towards the Berlin Wall Memorial, which being honest, was very surreal. It was quite hard to comprehend it actually happened. Whilst a small portion of the original wall was still there, they had put metal polls in between so to create the illusion that you can now walk through the wall.. very surreal. As we walked around the memorial gardens, reading the information that's around and visiting the museum that is across the road we both had this really weird feeling, again, not being able to get it in our heads they put a WALL through a city.. it was so worth the visit to see it though!
~ Photo Booth ~
Off Oberbaumbrucke
Day 2

For the afternoon, we jumped back on the U-Bahn to a different part of the city, to Warschauer Street. We had a few cocktails in a bar besides the river Spree (which runs through the city), walked over the Oberbaum Bridge and stumbled upon a 60's style photo booth. It was literally no question that we had to take a couple of photo strips! They are the coolest things and such a funny memory (because for half of them we're either laughing or not ready!) LOVE IT!

.... That's Part 1! - As I didn't want to make these posts too bulky I'll be back tomorrow with Part 2.. stay tuned.


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