Round-up of Everyday in August - So Far! (18)

~ Round-up of Everyday in August - So Far! ~

Well hello there, today is the 18th of August which, to be honest, is a little scary that we're over half way through the month. For me, it feels like yesterday I started Everyday in August (and doesn't feel like that long ago I was planning this whole thing!) So today I simply wanted to do a little round up of my posts so far this month. Unlike I did with Blogmas last year, were I did a weekly round up every Sunday, I'm doing a little round up of the past 18 days.. (minus one day I didn't manage to get a post up.. I'd been on holiday ok leave me alone hahaha)
The first week consisted of everything I'd planned for ages. I'd had the idea to do this as I knew I will have finished my full time job and would give me something to fill my time with (which is very much has!) During week one I had a couple of outfit posts in 'Lollipop' and 'For Those Summer Nights' both very pink both very summery. With that I made some Frosés (at 4pm on Wednesday, I'm living my best life atm!) in 'Let's drink Frosés!' and did a few reviews of the book I had read lately, 'Paris for One' by JoJo Moyes in 'The Book List #9'. I also reviewed a shampoo and conditioner I'd picked up a few weeks previous - 'Thoughts on Ouai 'Clean' Shampoo & Conditioner'
The following week (last week) whilst in Paris, I proved how organised I'd really been leading up to my holiday as I managed to get a post up every day I was away.
This included a 'Topshop Wish List', 'Let's Talk 'Brows' - a little insight into my very minimal brow routine and 'My Favourite Instagram's of The Moment' were I showed you some of my favourite Instagram ladies I've loved lately.
Finally we have this week, were as I currently am in Berlin as you read this, I prove to myself once more I really can be organised blog-wise if I really want to haha! So far this week we've had little 'Parisian Stationary Haul' of a few bits I picked up whilst at the capital last week. Followed by (of course) 2 posts worth of holiday snippets from the City of Love. As I knew I'd have way too many photos for one blog post I'd split the posts into 2; Á Paris part 1 & Á Paris part 2. My past few posts have included my up and down 'Journey with Alcohol' and yesterday I shared a few things I do to 'Keep Myself Well & Motivated'
.. and that bring us to this post right here. I have to say I really am enjoying Everyday in August, I do love a challenge and the fact I'm actually managing this is quite good I think. I hope you're all enjoying these sequence of posts so far!!


  1. I hope you had a great holiday! Posting everyday for a month is such a challenge, and you're doing great!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. It was great thank you! Ah thanks I'm pretty surprised I've managed near enough everyday (apart from 2 days haha!)xx