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~ Staying Safe in The Sun ~

We are not all blessed in life. Some are graced with that sun-kissed skin that once placed in front of the beating sun, continues to darken and a sudden glow appears... and some like me are given pasty skin that burns when even looking at the sun through the window. In keeping with this, I thought I'd put a post together about my best friend when the summer sun hits: Sun Cream. Tips on how I ~try~ to avoid those painfully red shoulders or Rudolph-like nose that I have so often developed as a child.. Some of these tips you may know, some may be brand new news, but having been that person who has been as red as a post box in the past, I feel like nowadays I have some tips as how I avoid it.

The problem with sun production sometimes can be human error. I have many times before today, applied sun cream when at the beach on holiday or literally seconds before stepping out in the burning sun. Top Tip: Allow a good 30 - 45 minutes from the time you've applied sun cream to when you go outside. I never thought about it properly, but how on earth do we expect sun cream to give you instant protect - you have to let it soak in and work!
With this, do not go sparingly with sun cream. With other products you could say 'a little goes along way' - not with sun cream. I recently read an article in HuffPost about 'Sunscreen Mistakes' we all make. They say you can never apply too much cream, the correct amount is always 'more than you think you should put on'. Basically, the more is definitely the better for your skin!
 One product I discovered a few years back, when planning a trip to Ibiza, was a sun cream for you face by Dermalogica (p.s. seriously this is definitely hashtag not an ad!) At the time I suffered very badly with acne, my chin and forehead were far from pretty. With Spain obviously very hot in July/August, I, for months, were paranoid of having to put oily sun cream on my face - daily. So, having searched the web, I came across Oil Free Matte. An SPF 30 and as what it says on the tin, with very little oil in and helps prevent breakout for spot prone skin. Since finding this in 2015 I have always relayed on it. Fast forward to 2017 and I no longer suffer from acne but being honest, I wouldn't want to go back to putting straight up sun cream on my face.
Of course applying sun cream before sun exposure is extremely important, but reapplying throughout the day is very important too. As stated by, you should be reapplying 'the same amount of sun cream every two hours'. Of course it is common knowledge that after being in water too, you should make sure to reapply sun cream once you're dry, even sun creams that are water resistant - always be careful you are covered.
We've all had burnt skin in the past, but with the amount of information on the 'net and the extensive ranges on the market, you'd be silly not to absolutely make sure your skin isn't sizzling under that beating sun!


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