The Book List #9 | Everyday in August (7)

~ The Book List #9 // Everyday in August Day 6 ~

Everyone loves a good book, agreed?! There's nothing like tucking up in bed, all cosy (whether it be Summer or Winter) and getting lost in the storylines, the characters, the plot - forget real life. For a while now, I'll admit, I haven't been in the reading mood. Each night I wanted to sleep, not read. But, having wandered into WHSmith on a whim, I spotted 'Paris for One' by Jojo Moyes. Being a fan of her previous work (surely you've heard of Me Before You) I couldn't resist picking it up and getting struck right in..
Having originally spotted the title of this book, seen the word 'Paris' printed in shiny gold on the front - like I magpie, I had to nab it. Quickly was I at the till paying and it was mine. What I didn't realise until I was home is that it is a book full of short stories. There are around 10 short stories, some quite deep, very detailed pieces, some very quick, chirpy and light hearted.
The main story and one that does last in the memory is the first story, a little longer than the rest and of the same title as the book - Paris for One. As, like I said, this story is a little longer than the other short stories, you really get to know the character, learn a little about her back story and see a conclusion. It all centres around Nell, a shy, particular girl who never really lives life outside her structured life. The story begins with her booking a spontaneous trip for her and her boyfriend to Paris. As you can probably guess, the trip ends up as her being alone and so she discovers herself in the City of Love, exploring and meeting knew people. Despite the story being set in the space of a couple of days, the author manages to cram a whole lot into the story without it seeming too rushed. Of all the short stories, this was definitely my favourite. I do kind of wish Moyes develops the story line into a whole book, there is definitely room for it!
Following this, the book dips in and out of both short love stories with happy ends, light hearted stories of betrayal, everyday happenings and near the end of the book, in the story titled 'Honeymoon in Paris' we are given two stories one set in 1912 and one set in 2002. Both love stories, both set in Paris, but are worlds apart in how relationships are dealt with and how different life is for people in the different generations.
On the whole, I really enjoyed this book. Its incredibly light hearted and ideal for those who don't want a heavy book. I found myself reading a story a night before bed - as the stories are each around 15 pages long. A very well written book with modern references and a lot of humour!


  1. This sounds just up my street, I might have to have a purchase! xx

  2. Loved this book, great for reading on a holiday. K x

    1. Yes definitely, nice to read short stories for a change sometimes isn't it! x