The Conclusion of Everyday in August (31)

~ The Conclusion of Everyday in August ~ 

That's a wrap! I challenged myself at the beginning of August to ~try~ and blog everyday this month and yano what? I gave it my best shot. Ok yes, I may have failed a tiny tiny little bit in the past week - with some days, come 7am, there being no blog post. But, despite this, the first 3 weeks of August I did manage a post near enough everyday whilst on holiday for two of the weeks. For this I give myself a pat on the back! As this challenge has taken up a large chunk of my time this month, I felt it was only right to give it a conclusion. Talk you through some of my favourite posts and well, finish 'Everyday in August' properly... 
As I mentioned previously, August was the dawn of a new chapter in my life. As dramatic as it sounds, it really was. I finished my full time job and began a month of 'me time'. As I blogged very little during July, I had plenty of ideas for the first week, one including making Frosés at 4pm on a Wednesday... all I can say is I have well and truly lived my best life! - 'Let's Drink Frosés' is probably one of my favourites of the months.

Some other favourites post from this month of course are my two-part travel posts of Paris and Berlin - truly great great trips with amazing company! 

I have also, as well as continue my love for sharing life and fashion bits on this blog. I seem to have loved picturing beauty products - something I've kinda fallen out of love with of late. Whilst on my trips, I seem to have bought a generous handy of beauty bits - all turning out to be very great buys. Some post that are fairly new on the blog include 'Converting to Liquid Lipstick' and 'August Favourites' - 2 posts I am actually so proud of, the photos I shot somehow turned out extremely well, with me not being able to wait to post them. Who knows, I may have fallen back in love with makeup... 

Anyway, there were a few of my favourite posts from 'Everyday in August' - I have to say, despite the odd day passing with no post, I am very pleased with my effort. 
As I mentioned a few posts back, now we were nearing September, the 'new chapter' of my life does well and truly begin. I will officially be a 'Fashion Management and Marketing' student come a few weeks and you know what? I CAN'T BLOODY WAIT!

Cheers to that everyone!!!


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