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~ The Feminism Edit ~
 Girl Power? Every time. More and more am I seeing these types of t-shirts about. 'Feminist. 'We Should All Be Feminists'. 'Feminism'. More and more is it being used, less and less is it being stigmatised. We should obvious all be feminist. Why should you think you shouldn't be. Men and Women are literally equal, why would you think otherwise.

[T-Shirt: Boohoo (via Asos) | Belt: Mango | Jeans All Saints]
I was inspired to write this post after reading an article in Julys Harpers Bazaar. It was listing '10 things we Love' and number 10 was ' The Year of Sisterhood'. Its true, I feel this years has been another notch in the social ladder for the whole world to be equal. Of course there is still along way to go, what with gender pay gaps (cough *the BBC* cough), also something I have seen first hand in my previous job and of course that president America elected isn't helping either (not even going to bother writing his name) but looking at the positives - Feminism is taking a hold like no other time in history.

In the fashion world, Maria Grazia Chiuri became the first female director for Dior and in the process sent out an incredibly strong message with her first collection featuring a plain t-shirt with the simple words of 'We Should All Be Feminist' across the top. I think that is one hell of a middle finger to oppression.

Back to the article, and the main point of the piece in Harpers Bazaar was highlighting the absolutely INCREDIBLY Woman's March that took place back in January. It was the largest single day protest in history! I don't know about you but it really makes me proud to be a woman.

I feel like in 2017, even if we are just over half way, the world is slowly but surely heading in the right direction. Feminism should be celebrated by everyone. Whether on a shirt or just a way of thinking. The future really is female.


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