The Glory of Switching Off | Everyday in August (19)

~ The Glory of Switching Off ~

As I sit on the bed writing this, in a hotel room in Berlin I genuinely feel the embodiment of relaxed. Surrounded by a skyline I've never seen before, with people I (hopefully) have never met before, my only worry is what sight I'll be seeing today or what we'd like for lunch. There's nothing like being somewhere you don't know to really feel the glory of switiching off.
Of course, its a very privileged thing to say isn't it: 'just go on holiday if you need a break!!' - I completely understand that not everyone can pack a bag and get away. But, as I've been lucky enough to have saved my money and being able to be abroad - this week I've been in Berlin I genuinely have had such a break. Since I finished my full time job a few weeks ago I finally feel I can relax, I don't have the emotional torture of turning into the office everyday only to be spoken down to.. its now that I've been away, I've had my life back in some ways.

It has even just being the fact that nowhere is familiar, you have no stresses, no worries - nothing reminds you of anything negative. The only worry I've had is if me and my friend are on the right train! I feel at the moment, home annoys me. This is in the sense that my tiny village I live in is so overly familiar - it can bore me, irritate me.

... the moral of this story? I have officially experienced the feeling of switching off, clearing my head and genuinely having a good time. 

p.s. My Berlin blog post should be up beginning of next week - check back then! 


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