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Thoughts on Ouai 'Clean' Shampoo & Conditioner | Everyday in August (3)

~ Thoughts on Ouai Shampoo & Conditioner ~

A few weeks back I wrote a post about beauty bits I had picked up lately. Within that post I briefly talked about these two products - the Ouai 'Clean' Shampoo and Conditioner. Having heard lots of people chat about these in the ol' Blogosphere I was ~compelled~ to buy them, when things look pretty on Instagram its very hard not to want a piece of the action..

Ouai Haircare 'Clean' Shampoo & Conditioner

Before I start I must point out that Ouai do not testing on animals - yay for cruelty free!

Having used these now for about a month and a half, I've used up 3/4 of the bottle. As they are detoxifying products I tend to use them when I really want to clean my hair, I don't tend to use it for every single hair wash. I read somewhere recently that your hair can get used to products and become less effective if your use the same shampoo/ conditioner every wash. So, with this in mind I have tried using it every other wash. I have found, compared to my TRESemmé products I use, my hair feels softer in the mornings. As I have a lot of hair, I have tried shampoos in the past that literally do not do anything - its as if my hair hasn't even been washed. But with this combination I am seriously quite impressed.

Of course, its not worked miracles - but I do feel my hair to be soft and quite smoothed down. After I wash my hair, I tend to let it dry itself - I very much avoid using a hairdryer. With lack of heat and use of these products I had my hair dresser comment today that my hair seemed in so much better condition - could it be down to Ouai?! That mystery is still to be solved.

Overall, are they worth the money? For £22 each I think there are cheaper products on the market that will do similar things. But for a one off treat (as this was for me) I am happy I tried them. The packaging is very pretty (so aesthetic) and as it is a very thick shampoo, it makes you have to really rub the product in - is this cause for the softness? Perhaps. As you have to practically give yourself an Indian head massage for the shampoo to lather, I feel you are really breaking down the dirt and oil build up.

If you fancy a treat, I would say try Ouai - your shower/ bathtub will never have looked so pretty!


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