Welcome to Everyday in August (& Catch up!)

~ Welcome to Everyday in August ~
Well hello there, or rather, welcome back! My blog has been a little quite over July, my life seemed to actually be quite busy for once, full of exciting things, so the blog took a back seat.. BUT, as you can tell from the title, this is all going to change, as I plan to blog every day in August! I say 'plan' because there is always that doubt in the back of my mind that it wouldn't be possible. Saying that though, I managed Blogmas last year while simultaneously working full time.. so as I've now finished my full time job this 'Everyday in August' should be a doodle ~she says~
So, it only feels right, for my first post of the month we have a little catch up.
As I mentioned earlier, the biggest thing to happen lately is I finished my full time office job, YAY. On the 28th, last Friday, I kissed goodbye to the office I've worked at for a year and a half and said hello to freedom. My last week working was a little surreal in all honesty. This being because it had been something I had craved, I had itched to happen for a very long time.. for months I had wished my life away wanting it to be the last week in July and finally here it was.  I had a very lovely few days doing very little in work, having lovely presents and a signed card (standard) and we all went out for drinks in the evening on the last day.. the 4 bottles of Prosecco and Jagerbombs did not make me feel good the next day!
And so I wave goodbye to that chapter in my life and welcomed a Summer full of blogging, holidaying and general relaxing. Its quite scary in hindsight now, because I've been so concentrated on finishing work that I have almost not realised that in 6 weeks time I move to University... oh yeah that's another thing, if you didn't know already, but I'll be starting uni come September! I'll be studying a Fashion Management & Marketing course and seriously I'm BUZZING. I generally have never been so excited to start something.
So with the finishing work and the beginning of uni in the horizon, for the next few weeks I plan to blog everyday. I'm quite confident I'll pull it off as I have plenty of ideas and 2 city breaks/ holidays ahead of me, so I won't be sort of inspiration.
Therefore - Welcome to Everyday in August and welcome back to this blog.. I hope you all are doing well and I look forward to (hopefully) bring you some exciting blog post in the coming weeks!


  1. I'm so excited for you Lisa! Honestly what with finishing your job and starting uni there are so many exciting things on the horizon!! You're so brave to try and blog every day HAHA I don't think I could manage it xxx

    1. I've finally come out the other end after finishing my job & it seems its all good stuff from now on! - Thank youuuuuu xxx