A Sunday in Chelsea

 ~ A Day in Chelsea ~

I may still be in the bubble of being a fresher at University, you know; when coursework and deadlines haven't really it yet. When everything is still a bit new, so stress doesn't seem to really hit you at all.. well as I am well and truly in this bubble right now, what better way to exploit the fact you (for the first time ever) have the privilege of jumping on a train and being right in the heart of London in a blink of an eye.. On Sunday, me and one of my oldest, bestest friends met up for a day in Chelsea. Probably one of the snobbiest, wealthiest places I've ever seen - we had brunch, got our nails done and generally had a good ol' girly day out - why not, eh? Come, in November/ December when deadlines actually ~do~ hit, this'll almost impossibility - so Sunday seemed the perfect day to trapes around the Kings Road...

Blog Eighteen 2.0

~ Blog Eighteen 2.0 ~

Now I didn't know if calling this blog post Blog Eighteen 2.0 was a little bit dramatic, because usually people 'relaunch' or get back to blogging after a long long period, well for me its been 3 weeks.. but I have had a certain new lease of live and have randomly sat down and wanting to write. Since starting University last week, everything has been a little bit busy. I've had the stress of sorting everything out back home before I leave, moving here, settling in, socialising, starting the course... I haven't had time to really want to blog at all. When my real life is actually interesting I can quite easily distance myself from the internet..