A Sunday in Chelsea

 ~ A Day in Chelsea ~

I may still be in the bubble of being a fresher at University, you know; when coursework and deadlines haven't really it yet. When everything is still a bit new, so stress doesn't seem to really hit you at all.. well as I am well and truly in this bubble right now, what better way to exploit the fact you (for the first time ever) have the privilege of jumping on a train and being right in the heart of London in a blink of an eye.. On Sunday, me and one of my oldest, bestest friends met up for a day in Chelsea. Probably one of the snobbiest, wealthiest places I've ever seen - we had brunch, got our nails done and generally had a good ol' girly day out - why not, eh? Come, in November/ December when deadlines actually ~do~ hit, this'll almost impossibility - so Sunday seemed the perfect day to trapes around the Kings Road...

[Trench Coat: Hobbs | Blouse: Zara | Jeans: Zara | Shoes: Valentino | Sunglasses: Next | 

With me starting this fashion marketing course of mine, I have suddenly felt a little jolt of confidence. Confidence in the form of posing in front of a (phone) camera and actually managing to get decent enough shots to use on my blog.. of course I feel a million and one bloggers do this kind of thing daily... they find a pretty street, they strut their stuff and look pretty. Well, it was more of 'Will you take a photo of me here?!' *poses slightly awkwardly* 'ok that'll do, let's go!!!' - I say ~confidence~ what I really mean is I try to take some form of outfit shot but 5 minutes into it I feel like people are looking so I instantly leave the scene. ANYWAY, long story short whilst in Chelsea I asked my friend to take some photos, they seemed to have come out ok and here we are.. having enough photos for a rambly blog post about my day!

I have to say, I imagined the Kings Road to have that posh, wealthy vibe about it and it well and truly lived up to that. There were pretty houses, some a sleek white, but some painted the prettiest pinks and yellows. There were literally Range Rovers, Bentleys and the odd Porsches galore and of course the shops.. lots and lots of designer shops. The day itself, as me and my friend had our nails painted and had some food, didn't turn out a very expensive day on the whole, despite the location. It was genuinely one of my favourite days, chatting all day and browsing all the shops. We eat at a Venetian restaurant in the evening called Polpo which was amazing and finished with a few cocktails.

In a way I feel like this will be one of the last Sundays I'll have were I don't have to worry much, because of course its inevitable my workload will increase over the coming months (well I hope so otherwise I'll be asking for a refund on that £9,250 I'm paying a year haha) but, it was such a lovely day out.. of course now all I want to do is get a great job and be able to afford to live in Chelsea.. I can dream I suppose!


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