Blog Eighteen 2.0

~ Blog Eighteen 2.0 ~

Now I didn't know if calling this blog post Blog Eighteen 2.0 was a little bit dramatic, because usually people 'relaunch' or get back to blogging after a long long period, well for me its been 3 weeks.. but I have had a certain new lease of live and have randomly sat down and wanting to write. Since starting University last week, everything has been a little bit busy. I've had the stress of sorting everything out back home before I leave, moving here, settling in, socialising, starting the course... I haven't had time to really want to blog at all. When my real life is actually interesting I can quite easily distance myself from the internet..
But I started thinking to myself, do I really want to let this blog go? After working so hard on it, spending weekend after weekend taking photos, writing, promoting the shit out of posts.. ok my following is extremely minuscule, but I have put time into my blog. Worked with a handful of really great brands and generally loved it all. Over the past few weeks, I'll admit, I haven't wanted to blog at all. I've wanted to be out of my room, having drinks, chatting with as many people as possible and I feel can still do this, but as I feel so much more settled now in my 'new life' away from home, I can start blogging more too.

As I'm studying Fashion Management & Marketing in University,  I'm quite surprised how often blogging is actually mentioned, of course that sounds so stupid because duh 'fashion', 'marketing' - the whole world live on Instagram these days. The more I've heard the word the more that little voice in my head is telling me it'd be stupid to let this all go. 

Basically, this is my little relaunch. My first step back into blogging more regularly. Over the past few weeks I've had so much inspiration, as my uni in general is very 'fashion'.. with half the courses being fashion relate, you're never starved of inspo. I even went outside London Fashion Week last Friday - even just soaking up the atmosphere from the entrance was absolutely insane.. 

So there we are, Blog Eighteen (hopefully) is back in business. Now I've typed this first post, I feel it'll give me all the motivation to get back into a bit of routine. So, without putting ~too~ much pressure on myself.. *gulp*.


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