Autumn Outfits of the Week

// A U T U M N  O U T F I T S  O F  T H E  W E E K \\

With it becoming ever colder and the nights drawing in ever sooner, my wardrobe has of course adapted for the Autumn season. As with every Autumn, my boots have been making strong appearances; being honest, summer is never really that much to shout about in this country so its more of a case of 'wearing boots more often' instead of a grand reveal.. never the less, this week I felt like documenting my outfits. I unfortunately don't have the time for elaborate blogger shoots in Notting Hill, so instead you are graced with birdseye shots awkwardly taken on my window sill.. just keepin' it real, guys!
O U T F I T  1 
(top left)
Jumper: Bershka | Jeans: Topshop | Boots: Zara 
The first outfit of the week was my now infamous mustard yellow jumper, a Bershka number I picked up last month. Paired with some simple black jeans and now pretty well-loved brown suede boots. A very simple outfit but jazzed up by the sheer brightness of the yellow. This jumper has now become a bit of a running joke amongst me and my uni friends because I wore it first when we went to stand outside LFW last month. I funnily had a handful of people come up to be asking for photos of me wearing it.. it was a very bizarre hour but every time I wear it we laugh at that morning there!

O U T F I T  2
(top right)
Jumper: Zara (similar) | Trousers: Zara | Boots: Next
Now this dusky pink outfit has to be one of my favourite outfits I've put together this month. The colour for one has become my new favourite. Being a girl who's a sucker for pink, I can't help but love baby pink or ~millennial~ pink that its so called now, in summer. Now since the autumn is upon us, this dusky shade still feeds my addiction to pink but is more season-appropriate. The boots from Next were a birthday present from my mum I picked out, they're so incredibly pretty, despite being a ~little~ bit uncomfortable, they make up for it in compliments!

O U T F I T  3
(bottom left)
Trousers: Marks & Spencer | Scarf: Burberry | Trainers: Superga
This outfit is probably not very visible really, is it? but that's the realities, like I said, of having no time to take fancy blogger pictures! But, you can probably grasp the type of outfit it is; a very laid back, for a day in uni which literally totalled 20 minutes in the end (lol) I did bring out my ever-loved Burberry scarf though. I seem to always keep it in hibernation for the Spring/Summer months but Autumn/Winter is very much where I get my monies worth. The colour theme was very much green and red - not to mention Christmas ~too~ early but it very much reflected this time of year.

O U T F I T  4
(bottom right)
Jumper: Zara (similar) | Trousers: H&M | Trainers: Superga
Finally is a VERY grey outfit from Tuesday. It consisted of my Superga trainer that I seem to have worn so so much recently (they're just so comfy) and a dark grey jumper.. with light grey trousers. It was very much a case of trying to look fairly dressed up for uni but still wanting to be comfortable.. comfort is life, people. Of course, as with most days I had my Lulu Guinness bag with me. It'll be 2 years since I bought it in December and the fact I've pretty much used it every single day (no joke) since  I bought it has well and truly meant I have justified the quite large price tag... plus I still get compliments for it; LG is very much my favourite brand of all time - plus the initials are the same as mine giving it an even more special place in my heart!