~ London Lovin' ~

As you may know by now, I'm now all settled and well into my university degree (well, its coming up to a month since I moved here!) and as I am luckily enough to be studying at a university that is a literal stones throw away from the capital city, I have spent many days on the train and exploring the heart of London. Its been a combination of having actual projects to do in various places there and being too exciting that I can jump on a train and be there before I know it. As I've spent so many days (well it feels like it anyways) in London, I have ~ of course~ taken way too many photos - so many Instagram-worthy photos! I simply wanted to put together a post of a small handful of places that I've visited and loved over the past 3 weeks - enjoy!

Portobello Road (Very Top Photo)
Notting Hill

Portobello Road was actually one of the first places I visited in London after I moved to university. We had a presentation to do as part of our first bit of work and visiting prime shopping areas was one to do. I hadn't been here before, so went on a little solo explore one day, mid-week when we didn't have uni. I had no idea what to expect and I have to say its somewhere I would go back to in a heartbeat. It was so quirky with colour houses, market stalls and just a generally great atmosphere - it almost doesn't feel like London, kind of feels like you've stepped bacon time to the 70's! 

Le Pain Quotidien 
15-17 Exhibition Road, Kensington SW7 2HE

Whilst on another trip into London, I visited the Kensington area - mainly for the V&A. Before we went into the museum, as it was quite an early start that day, I obviously needed a coffee to keep me from falling as sleep. This little coffee shop, which is right round the corner from South Kensington tube station felt like you were stepping into somewhere in France. Of course, probably French people will roll there eyes at such a statement (because its probably very shit in comparison) but they served a very nice coffee and had the nicest looking fresh breads on sale.. as a person who has visited Paris I feel like it was very close to the Parisian cafe delights of the Capital.
TATE MODERN (above) 
Bankside, SE1 9TG

For one of our uni tasks we were instructed to visit various places in London for marketing research (I won't bore you with the details) but one on the list was the Tate Modern. I've actually visited here before, about 3 years ago on a little holiday away with my mum, for my A Levels (at the time) Whilst there this time, there were, of course, lots and lots of various exhibitions on, but the one I loved the most, even if we did only see it briefly, was the exhibition by Bruce Nauman. The room was filled with various light displays, with the one pictured: 'Run from Fear, Fun From Rear' both making me laugh and question what the artist actually is trying to say haha! 

RAW PRESS (below)
3 Ellis Street, Belgravia SW1X 9AL

Having spent the day in Chelsea with my friend last weekend (read all about it here!) we literally stumbled across this amazing place - you know when you're looking for somewhere to eat, walk up a random street and low and behold a cafe pops up! Its a very niche/organic/natural/v healthy place, with all kinds of salads and good stuff right in front of your eyes, on the counter as you walk in. I had avocado on toast (so cliché it hurts) and a flat white (even more cliché) - with the floor-to-roof windows, is filled with natural lighting and its generally place you feel healthier coming out of haha! Of course, I'm not in this area often (lol I mean never) but if I were to have another day out in one of the wealthiest parts of London and pretend I belong there (we can all pretend) I'd definitely pop back here..


  1. I love living in central London, there are so many amazing places to go and see, so many museums, shows and restaurants/cafes! Portobello Road is so cute and almost doesn't make you feel like in your in the city centre at all! xx


    1. There is isn't there, I love the buzz and all the things to do - Portobello Road was a completely surprise for me, it really was like a different world to actual Central London!! xx