Snippets of My Life From The Past Week & a Half

 ~ Snippets of My Life From The Past Week & a Half ~

I have to say, the quote 'the difference a couple of months can make' could not be more true right now. I have gone from moaning day in day out how boring my life is, having absolutely nothing to do, in a place with not much excitement (lol N.Wales) to having midweek Espresso Martinis in Brixton.. my life has completely flipped on its head. But I have to say, all for the better. I'm probably the busiest I've been for years but its all good stuff, having the pleasure of actually enjoying your uni course and having met great friends too, I constantly having things planned. I may be a person that likes a few hours to herself, but really life is pretty good right now... I of course haven't blogged as much because of the busyness, but today I wanted to share a few little snips of things I've done in the last week.. enjoy!

The Trousers: At the beginning of the week I purchased the prettiest trousers on earth, I've probably said this about other trousers before but they truly are beautiful. I saw Liv Purvis wear them on here Instagram and thought to myself 'yeah I want a piece of them'.. so a quick buy and Zara's amazing next day delivery later, the trousers are mine.

The Eyeshadow Palette: Ever had the stress of having the perfect eyebrow powder shade, but it being in a eyeshadow palette... and you're very close to running out? Yes I had that. But what's worse about the situation is that I couldn't justify buying a whole palette again just for one shade.. so the stress of finding a shade began. Thankfully, I spotted this amazing Nip & Fab palette in my local Superdrug which the best brown for my 'brows. Of course, I have ended up buying a new palette just for one shade, but the other colours are all natural with amazing pigment so I will use them.. of course I will!

The Espresso Martini: Basically I just wanted to add this in because its quite funny. Me and my friend went into London mid-week to do some research for a handbag brand we're doing a marketing project for and after doing our work for about 15 minutes we'd decided we'd researched all we needed so got Espresso Martinis.. at 12pm. LIVING.THE.LIFE.

The 'Alternative Voices' Talk: Finally is a talk me and my uni friends attend. It was a free event we'd got tickets for through the university. I'll admit, despite it actually turning out to be a really great, informative evening, it was a little strange to begin with. It was in an old power station in Wapping (lol) and when we walked in there was free cocktails and loud music.. we kinda hung about for a good hour think what fuck is going on?'.. but it turned out after the hour had past we had a talk by 4 people: 1 blogger ('influencer' sorry haha) and 3 independent magazine editors. I really did find it so interesting and would definitely love to visit something similar again soon... in the end it was worth the weird hour of hanging around in an old power station HAHA. 



  1. My life has really changed a lot in a few months too but I'm keen for it to change even more! It's funny because I went from being too busy, to now having too much time on my hands and now I'm itching to make fun plans again to keep myself busy.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Ah I’m always a person that likes to be busy so life at the moment is perfect for me - completely see where you’re coming from! x