The Sad Decline of Print.

~ The Sad Decline of Print ~

When was the last time you read a magazine? Do you regularly purchased a magazine, sit down as often as possible and just read, not got distracted by Social Media, did you switch on the TV instead? - This is something that I asked myself recently. I seem to have acquired a handle full of magazines, but actually making the effort to sit down and reading these prints never seems to happen. With Glamour recently announcing they are to stop print magazines and become bi-yearly, it really hit home how much print has declined. Is Social Media to blame? or is it simply a sign of the times? (lol kinda sung harry styles then) Whatever is the reasoning, its very clear print magazine is over the hill and if I'm honest I think we should all be a little sad by it..
Whilst at any event the other night (with uni) we were given a talk by some people who owned print magazines. It was such a fun and informative night but it really got my mind going, how much has social media effected the way we buy magazines. Personally, I don't tend to buy them as often as I should - I have Octobers Elle magazine sitting pretty on my window sill, staring at me since a good few weeks. Taking the time to sit down and read tends to be one of those things 'I'll do some other day..' but sitting on Instagram for an hour seems to be a insane regularity (sorry not sorry on that one!) 

Of course, Social media is an insane tool - our generation are the most connected and 'with it' of them all. How couldn't we be when we have the knowledge and the potential to scroll up to Twitter and find out what has happened anywhere in the world, a couple of seconds after its happened. But with it I do get this weird feeling every so often, this guilty feeling of not reading more, not acknowledging books/magazines. So much effort it being put into Vogue/Elle/Look whatever you're choice of read and we're letting it all slip through our fingers. 

I don't know, Its all relative. Of course it's going to take a hell of a lot for magazines to die out - but it does poke the question: will they? or will there be some Social Media purge in a few years were people feel so engulfed there'll be some reversal? I for one hope print magazine do get a revival. Because at the end of the day, what will we all do whilst we sit at the doctors or dentist for 40 minutes with nothing to do..

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